March of Women and protests: begins the Era Donald Trump

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“Who Run The World? Girls Who Run This Mutha? Girls” sings Beyoncé. If Donald Trump had listened to her, we probably would not have reached this point. Yes, because while “The Donald” is entering to the White House, swearing on the Bible that his mother gave him as a child, the 200,000 feminists from across the United States are gathering for a demonstration against the misogynist policy of the new President.
No designer and no American fashion house wanted to dress up Melanie, the new first lady, that eventually will wear a garment given to her by Giorgio Armani. He, the King, who said in his defense: “I get dressed beautiful women, and she is.”
But it is not only the fashion world to have mutinied at the 45th president. No musician has agreed to agreed to perform during the installation ceremony. Except the young soprano Jackie Evancho who was entrusted with the national anthem.
Most of the women artists who were asked to perform have joined the “March of Women” to be held tomorrow, the day after the fact settlement. The event was organized in response to the misogynist rhetoric and full of prejudices that Trump has often used in his election campaign, as have informed the organizers. The groups that have felt attacked by Trump speeches are not only women, but also Mexican citizens, Muslims and members of the LGBT community.
“We are citizens of the world, we can make our voices heard and turn them into actions and positive changes” said Beyoncé, founder and official partner, who lives a decidedly political moment of his career. This much is clear from the messages belonging to the movement Black Lives Matter inserted inside of her latest album, Lemonade.

With Beyoncé were arrayed against Trump artists like Katy Perry, Cher, Madonna and Zendaya, which surely will be present at the march.
But the mutiny of the artists against Trump does not stop the march. CocoRosie, in collaboration with Anohni, they released the song “Smoke ’em Out”. it is a piece for Bianca Casady who intends to “be an inspiration to so many hearts tired and disappointed.”
With a note in the margin of the song the leader of CocoRosie explains: “Smoke ’em out Welcomes the new character who will occupy the White House with a crowd of women and children armed with forks and knives. In the wake of this unnatural disaster, we feel called to go up, shouting, and burn the house down. ” The atmosphere and the idea that the song and new album they want to understand is that “the future is a woman” and, as Bianca explains, this is a force that is necessary to not underestimate.
So Trump, like his friend Putin, has turned against the women. We could say that the Femen are to Putin as Chime for Change, the global campaign for women, is Trump.
The circus of the settlement goes ahead anyway, with a ceremony to be $ 200,000 and an expected crowd of 90,000 people to support The Donald.
In Washington, the security measures for the safeguarding of the 45th president are given important, but do not seem to touch the new occupant of the White House. Trump continues to go on his way, including tweets and posts on social, in which it reaffirmed that its policy aims to break from Obama’s policies. Hopefully not really disrupts everything that has been done until today.
Obama will be missed, we understand especially today that Trump, next to Abraham Lincoln and his wife Melania, greets its public and challenge the world, raising a clenched fist to the sky. Using a gesture that does not belong. That fist was raised to the sky on October 17 of 1968 at the Olympics in Mexico City by Tommie Smith and John Carlos who showed the world their protest against the denial of rights to US blacks. So Donald could have avoided.

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