MARCELO BURLON | County Of Milan: surprising as usual

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Yesterday afternoon, one of the most anticipated brand this week in Milan has turned on the spotlight, on one of the best collections that the young “HAUS” meneghina proposed to date. a complete collection, from the shoe that is not the usual sneakers indeed, met with satisfaction from the front row, along with an unprecedented new formal, that finally begins to take shape during these presentations, experimentation, orange, red and black, topped by forms and unexpected volumes dress a man who finally not afraid to show themselves, to experiment on his skin and who likes to impress. –
all of this was County of Milan.


  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_01
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_02
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_03
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_04
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_05
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_06
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_07
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_08
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_09
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_10
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_11
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_12
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_13
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_14
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_15
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_16
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_17
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_18
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_19
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_20
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_21
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_22
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_23
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_24
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_25
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_26
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_27
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_28
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_29
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_30
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_31
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_32
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_33
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_34
  • Marcelo-Burlon-County-of-Milan_fw17_35

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