Luxury City Spas: the new places of Wellness Worship

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City Spas. There are many, more and more, the temples dedicated to the cult of the body, now understood as an extension of the mind, therefore, from gyms to spas, are more and more the places in which we honor the Balance.
Not only is changed the way that all users of these silent spaces live the experience from training to relax, but also the concept of feeling good, the close connection between mind and body that we learned from the east and westernized at nth power, becoming a way of life that now for many occupies a very wide percentage of their leisure.
Obviously tempted to say that for many people over the gym there is more. Fashion scores, creates and reports as always the dictates that before the makers, then the victims and finally the rest of the world will go, voluntarily or involuntarily, to observe in everyday life.
But which are actually the temples of relaxation and citizen physical care?
Some of the most important cities in the world are in the lead in this and are trendsetter.
From London to Milan, New York and Paris, the secrets are protected in the ultra-luxurious penthouses where the city is forgotten and we will always take too little time to detoxify the body.

As in the Big Apple, where over the marvelous and elitist spas in downtown, as the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria, the modern soul underground New Yorker is now also strong in institutions such as the spas, such as the Soho House where relaxation coincides with a slight jump in a past coolest, and definitely relaxing.
London, the Bamford Haybarn Spa, are almost place of worship, for relaxation and psychophysical balance.
Again in the english capital we find a big center with stone walls, a minimalist cave which aspires to be the pilot of the new generation of spa, ESPA Life at Corinthia London.

In Milan, the fashion capital, one of the best spas with connected gym, this one open 24 hours of course, is the Armani Spa or rather the whole hotel is the spa, located in the heart of Milan’s shopping, is a minimalist shelter with colors, essential for King George, between the smoke and the gray surrounded by gold staples. A veritable minimalist temple of well-being immersed in the chaos of downtown.
Similarly, more decentralized, next to the Central Station, we find the Concept Spa Shiseido, the new place of worship Milanese, for body and mind, there in the Penthouse of the historic and renovated hotel Gallia.
So, we no longer talk about fitness and spa, the new concept and now also brand, it is the wellness, which is taking space in the lives of everyone. Every day the vision of a more balanced itself, is cause for personal improvement, and companies that gravitate in this complex system are invited to continuously improve the service offered.

Site of these City Spas

Guerlain Spa NYC
Soho House NYC
Bamford Haybarn Spa London
ESPA Life London
Armani Spa Milano
Shiseido Spa Gallia Milano

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