Life flows through a window

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There is a bit’ of melancholy that pervades the photos, a veil of vague sadness, but light and soft, almost resigned. Like the fluffy white curtain that moves along with the Istanbul wind.

Sometimes the snow is laid on the window sill, other times the sun shines or is in the pouring rain. For 12 years, uninterruptedly, the window was photographed every day by Alper Yeşiltaş, a Turkish photographer and lawyer: that sunken window was the view he saw from his room.

Since 2005 he has started to take this series – almost – infinite of photos. Yes, because the project was interrupted in 2017, but only because the owner of the building decided to demolish it to create a new one. The last picture, living this journey of the soul, leaves a bit of inner emptiness.

And then there is that silk curtain, framed and almost free. Days, months, years and times have passed in front og her. And now she has passed too.

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  • foto1-12
  • foto2-14
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  • ultima foto - foto11



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