– LATE NIGHT in MILAN – From Balera to the Drag Queen. The La Boum parties

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If you are in Milan you will also be gone once in your life and if you have not done it, what the hell are you waiting for?
It is located behind Loreto square in a huge baler, Arizona 2000, and is called La Boum. You have certainly heard of it: it is a place where, in the evening, the old ladies of Milan dance in group dances, but at a certain hour of the night the most beautiful and extraordinary Drag Queen of Milan begin to celebrate. Now it is no longer just a local but a social event!
Each evening is an event, never predictable and always surprising. And we certainly could not escape the opportunity to interview the organizers, to understand who are the ingenious minds behind La Boum. So we interviewed Diego.

How do your events arise?
It is a continuous brain-storming on whatsapp: we choose a topic and we work with irony to pull out the theme, the outfits, the performances, the music.

The peculiarity of the events organized by La Boum is the atmosphere, a peculiar mood that awaits the announcement of the event and culminates with the music. How do you build all this?
“La Boum” in French means “party in the house” and this is the atmosphere we want to create and broadcast to everyone. We mix all the ingredients and try to serve them with self-irony and without pulling it.

Who comes to your events?
It is probably the most heterogeneous audience that can be found in Milan: from clients of the balloon to the age of twenty, without distinction of gender or sexual orientation.

Your brightest star?
The star of our logo.

Location is part of your magic, how did you choose the Balera Arizona?
We’ve known Arizona 2000 for some time. We always liked the suspended atmosphere when you go beyond the curtains of the entrance and the idea of creating a new night, right there, we thought it was winning.

The 70’s and 80’s in Italian style seem like your must
Surely, it is the decades in which we grew up and where our imagination was formed.

Can we have a preview of the next season of events?
La Boum will continue to be a surprise so we can not reveal anything yet. But a little anticipation can be seen at Milan Pride on June 24th.

So we just have to wait!

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