Lana Del Rey Freak: the new toxic dream

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Lana Del Rey Freak
The lady of Sadcore is back, Lana Del Rey.
It was released two days from the teaser, the full version of her new video “Freak”, immersed in the tranquility of a Californian summer afternoon, in a long journey about 11 minutes.
Returns with a novel video, frozen at straddling the 60s and 70s, takes us over rolling hills to clear your head.
A Toxic Rock in an unusual role. The colors of the video are those of Lana Del Rey, the HD is too unromantic for a sleep so deep that we drags in a dream on the notes of the new song that blends with Clair de Lune by Debussy for a hypnotic ballet, which resumes one of his latest video, “Music to Watch Boys to”, another way to tread lightly on the hand wistful veil of bored romance. The protagonist of this torpor is Father John Misty, who in the video accompanying her in search of their minds.
Her, beautiful as always, directs us in a dream in his sleep by the pool, in a slow summer day. Time seems to slow down in this dream intoxicated, almost impressionistic narration in slow motion.
Fully in brand, the brand that always manages to live, and it is always sung, despite being totally out of trend, is the classic product long, the product that once started, slowly moving, long life awaits him, and is likely to become an icon of himself, involuntary soundtrack and bored of life of its lovers and heaters.


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