Lacoste replaces its crocodile with threatened animals

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It’s one of the most recognizable icons in the fashion system. A symbol that binds the story of a successful brand. It is the green crocodile of Lacoste, French clothing industry founded in 1933 by René Lacoste and his friend André Gillier, and that became famous for the invention of the polo with the symbol of the animal on the left of the chest
Until today. Yes, because you could see a tiger or a turtle or an iguana instead of a crocodile. In fact, Lacoste, taking charge of an animalist and environmentalist commitment, has canceled – momentarily – his iconic brand for a limited edition.
Save Our Species
CR: Lacoste

The initiative, called “Save Our Species”, was promoted to support the International Union for Conservation of Nature, an NGO for the protection of animals and nature. The French company has decided to “adopt” ten threatened species: the vaquita, a marine mammal that lives in the Gulf of California; the Burmese wrinkled turtle; the northern lepilemure; the rhinos of Java; Cao Vit’s gibbon; the kakapo parrot; the California condor; saola, a bovid that lives in Vietnam and Laos; the Sumatran tiger and the Anegada iguana.

The campaign was accompanied online by the hashtag #LacosteSaveOurSpecies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and in a very short time the users have cleaned clothes: the number of each pole available, in fact, corresponded to that of the existing copies for each single species. For example, those with the vaquita were only 30 and those with the turtle 40, for a total of 1,775 t-shirts at a cost of 150 euros each. The proceeds, of course, were all donated to the NGO.

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