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Have you ever thought that you could be illegal?
Imagine one day landing in a country whose color of your hair is illegal, would you like to pretend and pretend to be another person, different from what you really are? Or do you fight for what is also the cost of living?
I am minimizing the discomfort that the LGBTQA population can experience in countries such as Chechnya or Russia, countries where the community is legally not protected by any form of discrimination but, it is considered church and state, something unlawful.
Of course, if you do not fight, nothing is gained, but the events in Chechnya a few months ago make it clear that the LGBTQA community in Eastern Europe does not only need external but is necessary protection.
Death like beatings, insults and physical pain like the psychological one, does not stop the search for freedom, man is known to be one of the most resistant animals, thanks to his willpower. Precisely for this reason, in the undergrowth of a mainstream culture call provincial and obtuse, and I’m ceremonial, something is moving.

The Kiev clothing line focuses on the moral and style, on the homosexual working class. A very pragmatic style of the Ukrainian brand, style has not become mainstream but is coming to the center in recent seasons, just think of the undeniable success of Gosha Rubchinskiy.
The entire line Kiev, at least this season is based on the false, it has been redone the IKEA logo, colors and shapes squeeze in a non-veiled uniforms of workers in the furniture giant.
Obviously the communication campaign is sublime in my opinion, with a marked European accent, a fake amateur who makes the nose grow to the well-thinking people secretly adore it.
Also -LOVE YOUR HOMO- is IKEA’s claim “love your home”, changing its meaning to KIEV’s marketing, they wanted to continue a struggle to protect the LGBTQA community.
We in our card castles do not think we really understand what it may mean to be different in countries where you are not even safe in the home; because others have decided that you are a broken toy. And we with KIEV support this fight!




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