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The California landscapes by Kate Ballis at first appear to be painted, but the technique that she has used is very fascinating. She has adapted an infrared camera to get that color palette, “I first came across the technique at the Venice Biennale in 2013, Where Richard Mosse had used the process to represent the violent conflict in the Eastern Republic of Congo,”as opposed to Mosse, Ballis, portrayed the rarefied air of the desert of Californian, the images are very surreal but at the same time do not stain in Minimalism, far from it, the color and the subject portrayed, are of fierce complexity.
She is continuing the series of infrared photographs of landscapes, in much more extreme places, she told to an a US magazine, Bolivia, Peru will start in Australia and also in Arizona desert. I imagine that a photographic series of this genre, is also a challenge against oneself, a true and propyrian struggle for survival in such environments.
In contrast to Mosse, Bellis does not resume the horrors of civil war, but her photographs can define as a Manifesto between science and magic, she says – we almost assume that the sky is blue and that it fades until it arrives On the ground, but actually putting on an infrared camera all this changes-. See he cerulean palms swirling of in a magenta sky. She chose the desert california suburbs like Palm Springs, for the way it has the nature to live with architecture and the fake nature, the man brought in the desert.
Which continues to irrigate and grow its classic gardens in the desert. The contrast is beautiful, the thing that strikes obviously after candy colors is the desolation enriching these photos, the void, as if those spaces had been abandoned recently and nature had not yet had time to take over.

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