Juventus changes face: in Milan presented the new logo

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“I get excited every time I see in the papers a word that begins with J” Gianni Agnelli could not imagine that, many decades after having pronounced this famous maxim, his favorite team would shelved the historic oval badge white stripes, with a bull surmounted by a crown, symbol of the city of Turin.
He did it on Monday night in Milan, at the Museum of Science and Technology, during the gala presentation of the new logo: the symbol of Juventus, which will appear on the shirts Juventus next summer, will be two “J” stylized, in white, on a black background.
“It represents Juventus in its essence: the strips of mesh, the Scudetto victory, J of the name,” writes the Turin company on its official website. For the president Andrea Agnelli, heir to the dynasty as the son of Umberto and grandson of the Advocate, “the new logo defines a sense of belonging and a style that allows you to communicate our way of being”.

The launch event has turned into a real social event, very futuristic, where, in addition to the team in full force with their companions, were guests of the fashion world, of the business, sport and entertainment, as a dJ Linus, the chef Carlo Cracco, Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene and former champion Juventus and the national team, Antonio Cabrini. Madrina of the ceremony, titled “Black and white and more”, the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski.
“Juve wants to become more mainstream – added Agnelli – To grow we must keep winning and evolve our language to reach new target: children, the female audience, Millennials’. A goal that encompasses the best football meaning in twenty-first century, more and more understood as product marketing to make it palatable to its investors, for the fans or enthusiasts.
“It ‘a distortion, a change in the skin – said the captain, Gianluigi Buffon – Historically, Juventus sees things first of others.”
The new logo has raised, as expected, a huge online debate between supporters of the team: those in favor emphasize the innovative character, in step with the times, those opposed reminisce about the old vintage coat of arms. Although, again from the web, he checked a photo of Juventus team in the forties, in which stood on a mesh “J” white, almost wanting to anticipate the turning point in terms of style.
There were also classic teasing from fans of opposing teams and also the first accusations of plagiarism, such as moves by former Swedish tennis player Robin Soderling, who in a tweet evoked the alleged resemblance to their “Rs Tennis” brand.
Net of criticism and praise, it may be Juventus or not, but it is undeniable that the sampled companies in Italy continues to be projected into the future: first the stadium property, then the museum, the medical facility and the area for the new sports center. Finally, the new logo, which embodies the brand.

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