Journey through the coolest districts of 5 fashion capitals: MILANO

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When fashion born it is not under the spotlight, is not on the catwalks, but is worn by people, in visionary restaurants, in the markets, everywhere in the eyes of those few creative people who offer their art to all, and translate what the street wanted confusedly assert. If you want to breathe the future, the present and the past of fashion, design and art, there are a couple of places around the world, in the world’s fashion capitals, from NYC to Berlin via Milan, Paris and London. …
The 5 ladies of fashion. Undisputed capital of a world that seems so far to many, but that actually is part of everyone’s life. The fashion places are not necessarily the famous shopping streets, indeed, are the places where those who propose something new, not the usual unstructured jacket. Those vibrant places filled with a future potential that disorderly in a row waiting for his turn.
So let us make a trip in the most important and coolest districts of these ladies.
A city, a taste and a shopping tour at a time.
Some have mentioned, others are new, such as Berlin, where is on the stage, during the fashion weeks, a fashion of rupture, raw, but rich in research, typical of a country full of dystonia and complex history.
Paris is the Lady of haute couture, and a ready-to-wear full of meaning, of research that is not seen anywhere, in a frame which is all, romantic but also futuristic, a city Which is history of yesterday and tomorrow.
But let’s start with one of the smallest capitals, but with a very high concentration of creativity, one of the most touristic cities in Italy, Milan, the city that for the third consecutive year surpassed Rome, the political capital of the country, in tourism, fundamental economic resource, which brings image and status.
Milan has a booming economy, is increasingly international, not just European, is a cross section of what globalization allows, increasingly distant from a slower Italy, which will hopefully one day be able to apply the successful model of a city that walks despite the national leaders.
With her new skyline, the glass and steel of the new skyscrapers reflect a past not always shining together with the taste of a future that does not wait to live.
Fulcrum of the city economy is obviously fashion and willing regional manufacturing industry. Many are the brands that have shops, design offices, HQ in Milan, which has less and less space in a historical center. In so many from the center, turning gaze to different districts, with a more complex and longer life, who do not live until 8 PM, places where reality collides with the idea we have of the fashion, suburban places, which undermine the golden image of fashion, to be faced with a different spirit, from Tortona area where many have create their headquarters, see Fendi, Zegna, Armani, which he has now papered Milan of Himself with projects, offices and museums, giving back places to the resident population or just passing through, renewing spaces such as silos. Project place to celebrate the history of a brand that has contributed to the costume revolution, in his own way.
We then go to the museums, such as the new Mudec, multifunctional exhibition space, in the ex Ansaldo space, Tortona area is the place to be always dedicated to the design, the new visions of BELLO and not, full of pubs, bookshops and conceptstore. Area given back to the culture of life by the now historic design week, there where the Fuorisalone born.
From Tortona we move, staying in south of Milan  to a new area, completely in revolution, a giant building site a short walk from the center, yes because here the periphery is a short walk from the Dom and from the streets of canon international shopping, where we find a project in which we can recognize the intentions of one of the most powerful women in fashion, Ms. Prada, Miuccia that with Rem Koolhaas have created a multifunctional space, a Milan’s headquarters of Prada Foundation, and if you come in the Ortles area, not you can make mistakes, you will certainly find the bright gold color palace, literally covered with gold, which hit you, and where you will find different rooms, with different exhibits and simultaneously a bar that lies between the vintage and the dreamlike, the Luce.
Search! and do it all over, like Miuccia teaches us, from the catwalk to the museum, a mantra to be repeated up to the extreme, to the aluminum foam panels, so “economical coating” to clothe good part of this vast research cathedral.
There, where the loft cost as much as in the center, place that probably tomorrow will be the cultural center of the only Italian polycentric city.
But let’s go to the coolest districts of Old lady.



Ventura – Lambrate

certainly very wide area, a district that is a former inglobatio village now in the metropolis, but has not yet infected with its congestion this area.
Here it is where the fuorisalone become the home for new designers and not, for one week each year, and for the rest of the time the workplace and daily life for artists, graphic designers and creatives of all sorts, who withdrew from the center in this remote district, a bit ‘for the peace that infuses a converted industrial center, a little’ because it is far from the hustle and “normality” of the city center.
Particular praise goes to the organizers of one of the most hype of the city appointments, the usual market of the vintage, it becomes an event, the East Market, because we are in the east of the city, that brought the spotlight on this area … and he led the Hipster, the curious, the cool hunters and so forth. For years now animates the Sundays of this peaceful neighborhood, full of an industrial past that really helps the Hipster to feel at home.
The Lambrate area is booming with entertainment, a fervent Underground culture, far away and hidden from prying eyes, a quiet family living area, at night, promising canvas for street artists, and wall artist, the sound of music that warms the club Dishes like DUDE clube and the Wall, two of the places that fill the music, the nights in the east of the city.



NoLo (North of Loreto District)

This small neighborhood we have already spoken, including it among the coolest emerging districts of the moment, dystonic place where many cultures blend together. Full of creative youth forced in areas relatively less expensive of the city center, where is fervent the street culture and the clubbing. Halfway between the image of a former degraded neighborhood and the color of an upheaval that recalls both Brooklyn and Manhattan South at the end of the last century.
Multiracial down to the bone, full of dichotomies and much more affordable than the rest of the city, born as popular neighborhood to grow now as a hotbed of laboratories, bistros and small rich of Bohemian flavor boutique, atmosphere that so beloved by Yuccie and so on.
The nightlife is rich, there are many places in this area characterized by a gay life that creates cathedrals of entertainment, bordering the LGBT district of the city.
– The Club – in this area, repeatedly mentioned among the best clubs in the city, is the Q21, that from Friday evening to Sunday morning, never turn off the lights on the dance floor, trodden by souls lovers of a sophisticated music and trendy like in the world’s best clubs.
From fusion restaurants to classic Neapolitan cuisine, to the most trendy bistros, here you can eat and dance all night long.


a district that in 10 years has seen a tremendous change, we know, the changes are slow, and the yard is still open. House of Blue Note, the Milanese jazz club par excellence, is the area that gives sleep, to the hipster, his versions of “entrepreneur” and that by “I started a family”.
Isola is a place among whose veins are small vintage shops, where barter is still incredibly modern, where you buy clothes with shoes, as in Ambroeus, a place of exchange, vintage shop and second hand. To drink, there are no problems, like to eat, places like Frida give shelter to all heated by cocktails and committed chatter. Another little gem and sought is the Wasabi, a hot and smoky taste of an old New Orleans.
Always nearby, you can stop to eat at Les Pommes, highly sought, from the ceiling to the plate, a relaxing place to stop in the evening to decompress from the hectic pace of the city.
Completely different, a very cool place, a concept from the bike to the steak, passing for the excellent cocktail bar, it is the Deus ExMachina, giant space devoted to fun and relaxed for everyone.
From the local market, the flower market, up to the Fabbrica del Vapore, which is a museum and multipurpose space, where they found the house a number of important exhibitions such as Anish Kapoor, fuorisalone and why not, also a beach bar.



5 Vie – Carrobbio – Ticinese – Navigli

4 small neighborhoods, which together create one of the most diverse districts and cool in the city. From the rich downtown streets until the former social housing, now scene of millionaires recoveries, home of creative artists and the young entrepreneurial class of which Milan is rich.
the historic heart is Corso Porta Ticinese, which historically road leading from the center to the periphery, there where now the new dock, dressed up, has become the door of the nightlife in this area.
Ticinese is irony street, where artists and free thinkers had found a home, now Girone of the vintage and place where the Milanese alternative scene spends his money between vintage shopping and beyond and other vices.
You could spend all day through the streets of this great composed district. Sleeping at Ostello Bello, ironic place where lovers of cultural travel and adventure come together, and have a drink in the city center makes them happy and leaves pockets full, just like the Tasca nearby.
Infinite is the amount of good Toast maker, Burger bars, bars, sushi, pizza slices, pastry shops, backery, and so on.
The new refreshed dock for the expo, and even a little, is the open door of dozens and dozens of bars ready to refresh the weary tourist and the Milanese who has finished working. If you want to drink well, without necessarily eating, Pinch, Rita, Mag, Vineria and Elita are the names you need to remember.
Not too far in the natural continuation of Corso di Porta Ticinese, after Porta Cicca, you’ll come across a door Bianca immediately after the embankment of the railway, behind the white door, a “non-recoveries”, most interesting in the city – Segheria – the gastro-Bar of the starred chef Carlo Cracco, from the vision of the designer Tania Solci, home to over to the kitchen, one of the most delicious bars in the area, including ostrich eggs and cement, in a former, in fact, Segheria, modern poetry comes naturally.
Among vegan restaurants and Milanese local taverns, we find the Taglio, recommended by me and maybe more credible, by the NY times. If you want to be late and be lulled by trendy music in a highly sought place you can go down the stairs of the VOLT, the new gates of the night, in Piazza Vetra.

Fashion is not the only thing, like beauty, but it is the energy that moves all these places full of a clear charge, vibrant districts that inspire the minds of all those who also accidentally got lost in these streets.

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