It’s a Hot Winter: GBreak, a Trip between Relaxing and Fun for the Gay Italian Community!

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We immediately start with a question: “What is GBreak?”

“A community!” Told Betty Pagnin, organizer of the event, who explained to us that it is a “group of people who are mostly united in three aspects: MXM homosexuality, the desire to meet new people, find fun in disco party, relaxation programs, sports activities and dinners with dedicated entertainment.

GBreak’s winter edition will be held from 7 to 10 December in the Passo del Tonale district, between snowy ski slopes, breathtaking huts, in a 4-star facility. The company will also be interesting. At the event, among others, they will vlogger like Deianira and Influence like Elenoire Ferruzzi and then Mr Caccamo and many others.

We, Mattlumine, met the organizers of this event Betty, Travel4Target and Marco Specchia, Art Director of GBreak, and we talked with them.

But let’s start with the basic info. Betty: you direct Travel4Target, tour operator that organizes trips to the community. Before other, you chose to dedicate and invest in the gay community. Business only?

“In fact, all comes from a reflection: with Travel4Target we brought in Italy the format of the event travel for the students, the ScuolaZoo Travel Event. This travel mode, very strong and in the Anglo-Saxon world, was unknown in Italy. Today we travel with us 15,000 students every year. First, no one considered the need for traveling for the kids to have fun and make new friends. Likewise, today there is no event travel format that responds exactly to the needs of the gay community. Yes, there are international festivals in the world that attract thousands of people who are hosting their evenings, but I think the gay community has so many options to have a night out in the disco, but a few opportunities to deepen the knowledge that then turn into true friendships or relationships. any kind. Here, GBreak is born to meet this need, to facilitate new knowledge by having fun, in a dedicated environment and a program that responds to all the demands of the community. ”

You are a woman, only thirty, but a partner of a media company and a travel business executive. You are definitely part of a niche. How do you live it?

“In Italy, being a young career woman is definitely part of a niche! Unfortunately, we are living in a country where the cultural heritage has almost never offered examples of independent women, especially if young people! It is in fact for the new generations, and for me, to fight this stereotype, to make it a real change and to make it clear that gender and age are not factors that determine a person’s validity or presuppose the possibility of success. At first it was tough: they are interlocutors like other entrepreneurs or partners or suppliers who do not know how to approach a young woman, businesswoman, in business. But with determination and seriousness I managed to win my fears at the same time and at the same time my challenges”.

Why is it important that a heterosexual person is interested in the LGBTQ community?

“Because the opposite would be stupid: we must not only concern ourselves directly with what we are concerned about. Of course, you are more likely to marry a cause or project than someone else, but if each of us focuses only on what is within his or her personal sphere, we would end up being a human race for a thousand years! Personally I chose the LGBTQ + community because it is stimulating, I found new ways of thinking, behaving and approaching things that have greatly expanded my way of seeing things”.

Why the GBreak is aimed at gays and not to lesbians ones?

“Because I have knowledge in the gay community and thought about approaching this community first but I do not rule out the possibility of opening the LGBTQ + community to the future.”

How was born the collaboration with Marco Specchia, in art Marc Leisure?

“I met Marco during the selections for artistic figures during GBreak’s last summer. Marco is a valued professional and has been able to make a big contribution to the program, which is why we work together with the realization of the winter edition of GBreak 2017”.

Marco is now up to you. You have a great experience in Milan nightlife, how did you get here?

“It’s the path I always follow, what I love to do, what I’ve always done. And he has always given me a lot of satisfaction. I have always been busy with regional events, which were then imposed nationally. Now I’m starting from the result achieved in my past projects: building an event that already has a national scope. This challenge represents for me the next step in my career, conquered with so much commitment and work (we always forget how much organization and work there is behind the creation of a party or an evening) and also a pinch of talent “.

Marco, did you work with important locals: when did you approve them to propose a gay evening, how did they react?

“Unlike what you can imagine, they were super happy!

At the head of the most important venues in the world there are always great entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs know that gay is a target that enjoys having fun but without creating problems. When these enthusiasts are presented with an engaging format but in which everyone is respected and enthralled with engaging and cheerful people, they accept without hesitation, and thank you for having offered them. There is also something to say that few people know: at the head of the most important localities I’ve worked with and now hold internationally-known gay party formats, there are almost always women”.

What is for you Gbreak?

“An opportunity. For the Italian gay community in general to create an event that today has an average reach but it could become a format of great events and international scale such as the great festivals organized in Spain, America or Belgium. It’s also a personal opportunity, which will bring my career to a new level: not a repeat for a year, but an event trip: so many concentrate and not replicable activities in 4 full days. It’s an occasion for personal and professional growth for me”.

In your opinion, what is the role of GBreak for the gay community?

“As I said before, GBreak is the only true reality of some weight that can be defined as a” gay event “in Italy. It is a time of super-aggregation other than the forms of European gay festivals based on 100% of music: here the difference is that there are hundreds of kids who want to expand their fan club all together in one place. We really talk about aggregation. Then there can be flirtations, love stories, sex, romantic, but especially friendships that remain in time, or that last the time of the event trip. It’s a way to expand your circle of friends, your network, in an easy, informal way, with no stress or performance anxiety as it could create a full festival of exclusive models. GBreak is an opportunity for many: for GBreakers to expand their knowledge; for the gay community to become more and more relevant to the other groups; for Italy, which has an extra weapon to become an international gay attraction destination; for artists who can stay in close contact with their audience who love them in a protected, familiar and peaceful environment. In short, GBreak will also be at the 14th edition, but I think we are all just beginning”.

Any rumors about this GBreak issue?

“This will be the” opulence “edition ever and at the same time also the most naturally funny!”

Betty, do you want to give us some anticipation for the future?

“I prefer to do another thing: ask you, Mattlumine readers, and all past and future GBreakers as you see next GBreak. We are already beginning to organize the spring / summer edition, but I’m really curious: how do you see it? Where would you like to go? What would you do? I am full of ideas but still no certainty, so the future of GBreak would be great to build it together! ”

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