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Brembo is the photograph of the classic Italian company of high-quality technology.

This definition is always an excellent lever to use to increase the value of the brand, because the Italian quality is recognized worldwide, but Brembo has gone further.

The case in fact leads to assert that this company is among the best examples of branding made by focusing almost exclusively on the product. I mean to say that is the product itself to make the most of brand awareness and brand identity.

There are many companies, especially in Italy, creating products at the top of the worldwide range, just like Brembo produce them to third parties. Means that produce highly specific components, which are then assembled by companies that enter into the market the finished product.

In the vast majority of cases, the brand that take value from all components is only the brand that places the end product on the market.

Here it’s different, but now let’s briefly explain for those who do not should be accustomed to the world of motors giving a brief explanation of what Brembo is in the world: Brembo is considered by many, a good reason, leading manufacturer of braking systems for best cars and bike in the world, so its systems are also used on Formula 1 cars.

We said, Brembo is the classic highly specialized Italian company, but also international, with offices in different countries of the world and nevertheless remain able to maintain the quality of construction that the whole world recognizes at talian companies when it comes to building high range objects.

Yes, in fact, these braking systems are true objects of high range, considered the world of motors in the same way as are considered clocks high-performing in the world of luxury.

Indeed, even the Brembo brake systems are part of the world of luxury. This is because they are mounted on almost any car more powerful and expensive in the world, from Porsche to Ferrari.

At this point you might be wondering where is the unique branding Brembo?

Well. Brembo was the first manufacturer of braking systems to believe that these were to be aesthetically pleasing as well as performing, but not only, was the first to believe also that it should exalt them rather than hide them. The thought of one who truly loves what he does and he is proud!

Therefor gave color to braking systems, mostly red and yellow, so that their products could be seen and could easily attract attention. In addition to this, the choice of making them more aesthetically appealing led the Brembo also received the Compasso d’Oro award, the most important award in the field of design.

Just think, the most important design award in the world was delivered to the construction of a system of disc brakes.

Returning to the decision of Brembo to exalt the aesthetics, then the visual exposure, we have to do a couple of considerations.

First, the fact that they were the real precursors of product placement.

Today, product placement is an established and regulated policy, but that we describe in this case is different. Brembo does not pay to install its systems on the car, God forbid, but the fact that you notice easily (thanks to the bright colors) that their brakes are chosen by the most prestigious car and motorcycle manufacturers in the world immediately raises both the brand awareness as the brand perception in the consumer’s mind, without that latter is called advertising.

In fact, it is a rare case, where product placement is in close correlation with the co-branding.

What is the difference? Let’s use another example. Forerunners of product placement when was not yet regulated, was Nike, when they decided to enter into the shoes of Michael Jordan some parts in reflective fabric, so when photographers snapped pictures during games, the shoes of Michael were shiny and the audience attention was attracted to this than anything else in the pictures. Pictures that were on newspapers and TV.

The difference between this example and that of Brembo, ie between color the brake system and reflective basketball shoes, is in the fact that in the case of Brembo the choice is supported by another strong brand. If, for photographers there was no choice to “promote” involuntarily the AirJordan shoes, for Brembo brakes instead the choice by the car and motorcycle companies is a voluntarily choice, that sounds like a statement: we are honored to mount Brembo brakes because they are the best.

The value is then double and product placement in a strict relation with the co-branded, both made out of advertising agreements, but made only through the strength of the two brands who decide to sustain itself in the production of the best and most powerful vehicles in the world.

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