Ironic, critical and incorrect. Here is Empathic Mudimbi

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Mudimbi is one of the most anticipated protagonists of the Baci Festival, which will be held at the Eremo Club in Molfetta on June 24th.
I do not honestly think that there is still a need to introduce it, but if you still do not know it him, I will. It’s called Michel Mudimbi, but you can only call him Mudimbi, he was born in San Benedetto del Tronto by his Italian mother and father from Zaire. For 10 years he has worked in a car workshop and with that money he has self-produced records and travels, to become who he is today.
He is ironic, shameless, funny, but very well planted in the world. His texts are misleading, at times vulgar, simple, straightforward and full of genius.
For most people, he is the one who sang Supercalifrigida.
You have understood?

But that’s not all I’m playing. It’s actually a great professional and follows his every work from the idea of the text, the design of the box, until the video script.
Obviously I managed to interview him and I could not do it, because his style is very personal, a few Italian musicians, especially in the rap scene are on his level. Mudimbi can mix many genres and feel comfortable at all times.
When I told him what to think of him, he replied amazed “thank you!”
And then I went inexorably with the questions.

How did you arrive at these levels?

I came across listening to so many different music and singing on so many different genres, what I do is simply to play on any kind of music I understand and basically on any kind of music I like it enough to waste time writing it on.

This is a theme that goes back to your concerts or better in the show, your staging what you would like to see?

But look, this is my feature in general, I like to do what I would like to see, that I would like to live, to seek every experience. So even when we talk about live, or when I write something I always put it in the shoes of my ears and my eyes.

In this regard, the video of “Empatia” is very funny, you dressed as a siren are fantastic. You managed to make light a particular concept such as empathy, especially in this phase of history.

I was good!
I started writing when I was really “empathetic” with the girl I was having a relationship, so it came naturally to throw down the first lines. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending in this story and a part of the text remained in the drawer until I dumped into another relationship and I took the text back. I saw that there was material to continue writing, after which this story was over. It seems that writing this song brought me bad luck more than anything else!
Then we put together all the pieces of the lyrics, we pulled on the instrumental part, which I think came very beautiful. And the end result is this. However, let’s say that the story is derived from more real stories.

The definition of empathy you give in the song, “to understand without being understood,” is pretty much at the level of the definitions of the Treccani dictionary!

Well if you go over the funny video and the jokes spread here and there in the text, anyway there is the truth in what I say is not spit in the air, indeed!

You invented this genius of the Black Phone, a phone number your fans could call you and exchange four chats as if they were old friends right with you. Because, as reported on the site, “the internet is nice, but speaking out loud is another thing.”
Does the Black Phone Work Still?

No, he is now off, but he does not assume that he will not return, because he could really be worth it. In the past it worked fine, the fans always responded very well, we had fun, we made them cooked and raw. Something you can find on Youtube with the videos and highlights of the Black Phone. Then there are other things unfortunately they could not be online, but we really enjoyed that!

Videos, do you still make them alone?

Those, indeed, I have always turned to someone. The one that I was involved before, in addition to treating the idea, the script, writing the screenplay and tried the costumes, locations, actors, was the factotum. I did everything except being with the camera in my hand, because I had to play and make the star of the video. For the editing I worked with another pair of guys.
That old team has collapsed and I started collaborating with Cinqueesei, a production house in Brescia, with which I made the first video that is Schifo and the second that is this Empatia.
I find myself very well and now I only deal with the idea, discuss it with the guys of Cinqueesei, Federico Cangianiello, the director, and the guys in his team. After that I’m on the set and I just make the defective as in Empatia or something more serious like in Schifo. I found who, fortunately, tends to do the job better than I could do it.

“Schifo” is a beautiful piece, with a hallucinating text, looks grown and mature, compared to the other stages you’ve lived in the past.

I am really critical of everything I write, only that irony is lacking here. In short, it was a bit the happiest period, the most raw text, where I tell what’s in the eyes of everyone, which I do in 90% of the texts, but without wasting time to make people smile. I just wanted to bump into what I find irrefutable truths.

Let’s talk about your latest Ep, “Michel”: it’s very well cared for. From launch communication, to pieces, but not just. It’s also a nice object. Being able to color the comics inside makes it very interesting to even collect.

Let’s go back to the talk we talked about before. I always try to put myself in the face of the end user.
So I found myself asking myself what to look for in an album. The answer was: something that serves to something, not just an object to keep on the shelf.
Of course, it was a more elaborate reasoning of how I am about to explain it, but it was all around my childhood photo, the will that was without frills, but that reflected the imagination of children. They are crazy these notebooks where they can play, paste, tear, color. I put it all together in the blender and came out this album.

To the Baci Festival? What do we expect from you?

I can not tell you exactly what to expect, I would be the first to ruin your surprise. I do not want to spoil anything!
Surely the laughter will be there, because it’s a show, it’s not a style concert I’m there to sing the songs. However, since a larger part of the live will be improvised, because even though the songs are those, each time it is different. I tend to get bored very easily, so I understand that having a very precise ladder risks getting bored always change. So I would not know what to say about what to expect.

Perfect, last question and then you’re free.
Arrived at this point, do you understand what you want to be?

Absolutely not!
I’ll tell you maybe in the next interview.

Are you promising me another interview? I sign it!

Okay, okay, promise!

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