Iris Apfel: a not ordinary “Diva”

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Iris Apfel:
“Everything is connected. Politics, economics, science and fashion are all connected. If you look a dress you can see that it is influenced by all these things.
You can even understand what was going on in the period in which it was made “to say this phrase was Iris Apfel, 94 years, even 95 next August 29, 2016.
A living legend, who have been dedicated an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum in New York called Rara Avis and a movie, Iris, the documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles.
She jumped to the headlines for the spot of the French city car DS3, but it really was not gone out of fashion. Big glasses like Mister Magoo, who said he had always loved. Girlish bought them in flea markets, most were large, more she liked.
She is uncertain how many pairs they actually possess.
“If I think also to the comfort? Of course I do, “she said in February in an interview with, in which she explained:” I do not wear anything that does not make me feel at ease. I like heavy necklaces, I’m used to.
I mean, I know I have a couple of really big pieces. Indian Accessories – correct me, Native American – that are extremely heavy. For those I have to be sure of not having to stand for more than six or seven minutes, otherwise I can not go out wearing them. surely I would drop to the ground. ” Chunky Jewellery, ancient but also design, precious but also plastic, colored or completely blacks but always giants, ‘I’ve never been minimal, “said of himself.

And how to wait a minimal outfits from her? It is still the woman who said, “Too much will be too much, but the” less “is boring.”
It all started in 1948, when she married Carl Apfel, after playing in the fashion and design for several years. In the 50s the Apfel began working with fabrics and shapes, and then launch the textile line Old World Weavers. The consecration came immediately, Iris and her husband furnished it the White House for a number of US presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan finally Clinton.
They traveled the Apfel, for work and for pleasure. They saw the beauty in the world and they are dressed, they flaunted during the events of the New York high society New York, so as to influence fashion and trends.
They have been together a lifetime, until the death of Carl, in October of 2014. He would have been 101 years. Now she is a widow, but her life does not seem to be over. “I do not see anything so wrong with a wrinkle. It’s a sort of badge of courage, “she declared once, and in her wrinkles there is the story, not only of fashion and design, but that of the West.
The West, which may seem frivolous and colorful, but it certainly is the result of study, work and effort. Iris Apfel is definitely a diva, diva different from those we know. Not only beauty, not only style and opulence, but professionalism, boldness and skill. A diva who knows the world, wears of its colors, and understands the culture.

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