Invisible in the City: most beautiful secret gardens in the world

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secret garden

secret garden:
“In the grass, under the trees, in gray pots of niches, they could see white brushstrokes golden and purple; above his head the trees were pink and white, and everywhere one could hear the beating of wings, fluted sounds, buzzing, sweet scents “writes Frances Hodgson Burnett in his famous book” The Secret Garden.”.
How many of you when you were a child, like me, have dreamed of a secret garden?
Sometimes, in the cities with a long history, to peek into an open door and discover private architectural treasures, or just a few families enchanted gardens that belong to the eye, those who are lucky enough to live there.
Venice is a mysterious city, canals, gondolas, prestigious buildings are just the beginning of the enchantment. There are gardens, vegetable gardens, urban parks, which are absolutely not visible to everyone. Are more than five hundred hidden green spaces, the same ancient heritage of palaces or monastic structures. In the Convent of the Redeemer, for example, behind the votive temple erected by Palladio on Giudecca Island, are the extraordinary vegetable gardens, olive trees, vines, fruit trees, vegetables and especially medicinal herbs, once cultivated by the friars, they overlook the lagoon amid lush groves. An enchanted place that only those who can go to visit.
Marilena Roncarà wrote: “Unthinkable handkerchiefs green hidden behind anonymous façades, with cloisters and courtyards jealously guarded behind gray walls: this is Milan, a small oasis of wonder to go to find out some challenging snappier refusal of access.
The reward is around the corner. ” Milan is the city of surprises, if only the visitor chooses to go beyond appearances, perhaps opening a door to discover sneak into one of the typical courtyards. And if you are lucky you might just open the door and find yourself in front of flamingos and peacocks, only to discover that it’s Palazzo Invernizzi. A spectacle of nature, a secret garden in the heart of the city.
Via della Spiga to number 1, Milan will surprise you with a riot of camellias, maples, ivy and pitosfori.
Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, every city has its own private beauty.
By Londoners private gardens are all aware, films like Notting Hill there have revealed them, but what can you tell me in New York?
Midtown Manhattan may also offer moments of relaxation to get away from the daily grind. I speak not only of Bryant Park or green squares on Broadway near Times Square.
Greenacre Park is one of the wonders of New York, is located between the East 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. The entrance is not very visible, but the park is in excellent condition and is maintained by the Greenacre Foundation since 1971, which keeps intact the lush plantations and admire the multi-level waterfall without being disturbed.
Over the East 42nd Street between 1st & 2nd Avenue is the Tudor City Greens, a charming place. To get there you have to climb 40 steps and find yourself in the greenery park, botanical gardens, colorful flowers, gravel paths and a 1927 street lamp.
But back in Italy in hiding behind the gates. All of Puglia is full of surprises, so that in Lecce, every April, an event called Open Courtyards is organized.
In Taranto, the Umbertine borgo and old town, hide unexpected beauties. Via Cavour at number 51, a black door conceals a Milanese courtyard and a neo-gothic church of the late nineteenth century.A beauty unexpected and unseen, that few strive to make known to most.
Courtyards, works of art or architectural invisible, invisible gardens of “Invisible Cities” as Calvino wrote: “Everything I see and I do makes sense in a mental space where reigns the same calm here, the same twilight, the same silence path to the rustling of leaves. The moment I concentrate and I reflect I always find myself in this garden? “

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