Instagram “maybe” will launch 1 hour videos.

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photo credit: Leo Hidalgo

Do you know which is the most used site every day in the world? Yes, good is Google.

But the second? The second is Youtube, which also beats Facebook and Chinese social sites.

I report directly from the Youtube site: “YouTube has over a billion users, that is almost a third of all Internet users. Every day these users view a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. ”

But now it is rumored that Facebook, the main competitor of Google, which is the owner of Youtube, is about to launch a new opportunity to use the videos of Instagram (Instagram is owned by Facebook).

The new possibility treats the length of the videos, which as you most probably know is now 60 seconds for the videos in the feed and 15 seconds for the stories.

Well, now we talk about being able to put videos for a 1 hour.

The possibilities that would open are many. For companies, especially for those in the branches of fashion, design, hotels and food that are the most popular on Instagram, there will be the possibility to create new types of contents.

I quote for example the short films that David Lynch made for Dior starring Marillon Cotillard a few years ago. Here, on Instagram, with this new feature, a project of this type would certainly have a lot more audience.

Another idea that comes to mind is that even the newspapers could start using the platform successfully, putting their videos or even their tv news on Instagram.

The rumors, however, also say that likely the videos will focus exclusively on vertical screen video. So it will be necessary to get used to visualize reality with this narrow-field mode, but it is also true that Instagram has always accustomed us to its strict methods of use, just as we have also been used to seeing dozens of apps developed by third parties allow us to customize the feed more.

So, let’s see what happens. The idea is interesting and will be perhaps the first true competitor for Youtube, because however, we must say that even with all the restrictions imposed, Instagram has 800 million users, of which 300 are active daily.

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