INSPIRATION: yesterday for today, “Metropolis” the masterpiece is a new series

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First of all there was Metropolis, before the Bit Generation, before 2001 Odisse in space, before Dune, before Star Wars, there was the Fritz Lang masterpiece, 1927.
From here the film industry has fallen in love of science fiction, from here all the SciFi, from Blade Runner, to Immortal ad Vitam.
Without any words, only pictures and music, to express the pain, happiness sadness and relief.
A masterpiece that like many blockbuster of the past come back to life in the near future, this time on the small screen.
In fact, unlike other masterpieces such as Blade Runner that this year will return to the cinema with a sequel, Metropolis will return but in a mini-series, directed by the creator of Mr. Robot, even with a small cost of 10 million per episode.
Little pressure, between costs and the risk of ruining the history of cinema.
The original film was recently restored and is visible in HD.
Sometimes the past is ahead of today, but it happens rarely.

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