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Larry Clark is simply one of the photographers and directors who most influenced my new beauty concept, imagine not just my own.
Controversial, raw, rough, after Kids, has influenced legions of photographers, writers and directors.
Kids is undoubtedly one of his most famous works, because it has brought to light the secret life of young Americans. A theme that comes back ever since its first photographic book in ’71.
He started photographing his friends while taking drugs, then continuing with the promiscuous life of teenagers driven by hormones in turmoil, sex, drugs and music.
With Kids, born film completely by accident, he stressed disaffection among young people who seek refuge in the excess!
22 years have passed since the release of the film, launched in ’95, and despite the age continues to be successful and influencing the aesthetics of so many directors. Certainly in the time when the ’90s came back, we could not do anything but celebrate Clark.
After kids directed by Clark and written by Harmony Korine former skater, much has changed, it has kicked off the generational trend. Undoubtedly many TV series featuring the 90s and 2000s are rooting in Clark’s aesthetics and ways.
With SKIN we have the confirmation, the story of a group of kids who like in Kids, face life full, sucking drugs, and sexual experimentation.
We can safely say that Larry Clark was launching Chloë Sevigny and making her one of the coolest girls in the 90s, we’ve seen her in Dogville, American Psycho and Boys Do not Cry.
He created an imaginary cool from a brushwood and subcultures not very cool, full of ugliness and heavy cultural ghettoization, it has helped to clear many taboo, on drugs and sex.

Obviously we must mention Bully, a film that is still today scandalous and controversial, very explicit, with scenes of ejaculation and violence, the true story of a group of kids who decide to kill a gang member because they have sexually abused.
The film has all the typical themes of Clark’s films, but at the same time is raw and strong, in my opinion it is the most his concrete and complete work.
Clark’s breathing is strong and his will to document rather than telling such strong scenes.
Stories like that are documented although the film is only entertainment, this thing with him is strengthened.
Finally, the fact that he was a photographer before turning to directing is evident. You can understand why each scene points to the truth, and this will remain in history as one of the most controversial documentary filmmakers!

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