Infarm: a new vision of future, the Indoor Farm

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The revolution starts from small urban spaces here is the mini-greenhouses indoor use of Infarm.
Have you ever thought to have your vegetable garden at home, in the office or in your local retail supermarket?
A young company made in DE, they exporting by deutschland the concept of Indoor Farm, in fact they are called Infarm. They have already converted and created their vertical gardens in different areas, in the hotel of the Bikini Berlin hotel at 25h, in the AirBnB headquarters, Olympus, Mercedes and now by Metro, the BtoB supermarket and here in the article you can see the making of the their garden at a Metro point.
The idea is certainly revolutionary, make possible to grow your own fresh vegetables at home by monitoring the health continuously. No longer need to have a terrace, there you can put tables and chairs to be able to enjoy your km0 salad.
Become autonomous, without straining too much of the planet, because we are many and we consume a lot. In fact the Infarm mission seems quite clear, “Imagine a future in which cities become autosuficientes in their food production, where the autonomous farms growing fresh produce at affordable prices by eliminating waste and environmental impact,” so said CEO and Founder Erez Galonska.
The project takes the space to closets, but it gives us the opportunity over time to not only save money, but also to be sure of what we eat, they are also controlled environments from all points of view, and you can re-create microclimates to grow everything.
The idea and the brand, all, aim to make humans impact the least possible on its environment, a bit like the project that Whole Foods did starting in 2013, when the roof of the store in NY, was mounted a greenhouse to produce all year fresh. Now the greenhouse is 20,000 square meters and produces for the shop all the essential km0 and without pesticides, as controlled environment.
The question that arises concerns the issue on the economy of the small producer: this alienate the consumer by the manufacturer?
We must say that the idea is scalable and above all these tools can be used in places where the possibility of manufacturing on the ground, and outdoor, there is not, or in those restaurants where the clientele is very demanding and pretends a very short chain with a check production on food, really strict.
In fact, like many good ideas, this one seems to actually set by the market.
To us it looks like and hoping to take root, we present to you.

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