Inès Rau – the first transgender model on PlyBoy

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The first issue of Playboy after Hugh’s death is also the first in which was published a transgender playmate. Times have changed Hugh. The historical magazine that has made “soft” eroticism a status recognizes the beauty of a woman who was born trapped in a man’s body. I read a lot of discordant opinions about this exit, and about her presence on this issue. Certainly it could have been simply a tribute to the founder, but it was not, they wanted to scandalize and probably have succeeded. In fact, many of their readers have said that they will stop buying the newspaper if the editorial line remains this. Better to lose them than to find them in my opinion. Ines Rau, 26, Parisian, professional model. said: “I’m an advocate for anyone who is afraid to be who they really are because they fear being judged or rejected.” Of course, newspaper sales may not be the best, but I do not think it’s a real drama, because buyers of the future do not argue on two vectors, and they are not necessarily lovers of “blond and swollen tits”, indeed. Probably this change occurred at the right time.
We only hope that the editorial board will give us more and more pearls of this genre, because of the Genre/Gender we speak, the recognition of the beauty of a genre that many people already appreciate, but tacitly. If PlayBoy slams it in a number, and more in the first without Hugh, it certainly makes a lot of noise. I.R. she said, I always had the fear of not being understood, of not being loved, never find a guy, but then I said, it’s not a matter of being loved by others, but to love themselves. I personally love it when, involuntarily and candidly, it becomes the banner of a daily battle that many face. So wonderful editorial line, the new one, in fact, than the young ladies and their interviews on their interests and their beautiful days kissed by Californian sun, on this issue you will find interviews with Chelsea Handler and James Corden and a thorough report on the LGBTQ community of Uganda. A country not really friendly to the community where the state often supports the gender discrimination, if discrimination can be called the offense of being themselves.



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