I see red. Always!

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“With these shoes you can not neither think or to walk, nor run, are designed to remain lying.” That is what has said Christian Louboutin about her fetish shoes, ballet heels, man and brand, his, which over heels ever higher and provocateurs have raised the red a gods. A color, this, which takes on different meanings in every culture, from politics to religion, through the food until you get obviously fashionable. The latter, celebrates it each season on the catwalks, both those which are photographed that those daily made of asphalt, where, another industry such as automobile celebrates it providing it with roaring engines, like Ferrari, the Italian house of the prancing horse and queen of the concept of red , who with his muscular and elegant creations is the forbidden dream of many and daily life for others, few. For all and/or for a select few, a birthmark imbued of passion is a fetish.
From the halls of the restaurants to the ceremonial robes and headdresses, in China the Red is a good luck charm, in fact, sows fortune and gives success, just think of the fashion starting from Louboutin of course, that from its soles he has created a recognizable brand, an addition by the evident fetish reference given to the living rooms most prominent and famous, that from the BDSM rooms has made its way through the large marble halls at the sound of high heels on the feet of all.
Passing through the skilled hands and flowing on the fabrics of one of the undisputed geniuses of the fashion Made in Italy, Valentino has instead built a brand by patenting a particular hue and indescribable, a vibration more than a color, which has made its space with strength in the closets of all addicted and maker, for decades a must, not less than the little black dress, recognized some years ago with a theatrically shows, obviously in Rome, in the picturesque location signed by Meier, The Ara Pacis Museum, where on high bleachers flowed the red through the history of haute couture regalataci by the last emperor.
Red is also jumped on the lips of all the most beautiful and bold, from Sicily with an unforgettable Monica Bellucci for Dolce & Gabbana, up to Paris with the famous Rouge Dior nestling on the lips of Natalie Portman, liquid red, that of Dior, which was poured also on the icon bag of the same maison.
It’s been on the nails of daring ladies, who, like Meg Ryan in “The Women” shows off it as final detail of a personal change.
Vibrant tint that clearly expresses the mood of the wearer, such as Lady Gaga that beautifully covered with red latex meets Queen Elizabeth.
In many have dared with the red also where you could not, on the red carpet by Heidi Klum, Oprah, Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart and many others; are the celebrities who dared everything to the irresistible desire to see Red.
Even companies like Campari have made of red their branding, which we find from the inside of the bottle, to the dresses of super sexy testimonial as Salma Hayek, Eva Mendez, Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman and Jessica Alba who, over time they have dress the color of the drink Italian.
Campari at the time was the fulcrum of the graphics revolution starting from the bottle designed by Depero in the 20s and all subsequent manifestos where the red of the company has always been at the center of a frantic artistic production of a Futurism increasingly full of meaning.
Exact expression of itself, a color that has always characterized the strength and display of personality, is a brand with an intriguing allure, irreproachable choice, but difficult that one of the red, you can not disappoint it, it is fickle and as it right, as divinity, it gives and takes. It is a brand, the Red, synonymous of a vibrant temptation to excess, the strength of a forbidden dream and love of so many people. Passionate lover who gives, but never completely.

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