Hyperloop: the supersonic transport system is coming…

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On the page of Wikipedia concerning Elon Musk, among its various projects there is one called Hyperloop and is defined as:

The Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system (only theoretical) developed by Elon Musk. It would represent a “fifth” modes of transport, alternative to boats, planes, cars and trains. Musk, who has expressed his intention to develop a prototype, said that “could revolutionize traveling.”

Well, from May 11, 2016 those two words in brackets (only theoretical) of the description above begin to fade, because the chance to see soon, and especially to use soon, this technology is becoming more likely.
In fact Hyperloop Technologies made its first public demonstration.
You want to know what it is exactly? Well, simply put, it is a tube that can make people travel at supersonic speed through electromagnetic technology.

hyperloop office

hyperloop office

Let’s take an example to see in reality, what changes in people’s lives.
We want to direct us from Los Angeles to San Francisco. We have three primary options.
By car it takes 5 ½ hours.
Are necessary more than 7 by bus.
By plane, 1 hour and a quarter, more check-in etc …
With the Hyperloop ???? Half an hour!!!
380 miles, about 611 kilometers, in half an hour.
In Italy, to do Milan-Rome we wouldn’t have even the time to sit that we should to get up from the seat and get off the train.

However, if someone were to think of the usual phrase: mmmh… but who knows if they never will …
There are some points to be taken into account. First you have to think that the idea is of Elon Musk, who has already shaken at the time the banking industry with PayPal, then the auto industry with Tesla, the energy industry with SolarCity and even the aerospace industry with SpaceX, all realities that work, and profitable.


hyperloop one

hyperloop one

But OK, it’s just a person with a lot of spending power and very influential, not by this means that we will soon see Hyperloop.
Instead I think so. Why? Because a product is good when born competitors. And in fact there are already competitors.
One is also very similar in name, in fact, the first rival of Hyperloop Technologies Inc is called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, instead the third is called skyTran slightly different from the first two. However, the names are linked to their respective sites, I recommend you pay it a visit if you are curious to see the future means of transport, ecological and super super super fast.

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