Hydrogen One: the first 3D oleographic smartphone is coming this summer.

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hydrogen one

Do you know the technology company called Red?

Many of you no, because it builds high-performance equipment, primarily cameras, dedicated to niche markets such as the cinema. Their cameras are super-technological can even be customized by modulating the choice of each technological component before the purchase, even directly from their site red.com.

However, it is not for that, that they are leaping in the eyes of the general public, but how much more for their last gem, the smartphone Hydrogen One, the only one of its kind, that rumors say it’s coming in the summer. In the US will be released with Verizon and AT & T and is already designated as new milestone in the field of smartphones.

It is in fact a 3D olegraphic smartphone. What does it mean? It means that it shows the three-dimensional content of reality increases without the need to wear 3D glasses.

The site Verge also reports you can do “Holo Chats”, that is to chat with someone, while seeing in 3D your avatar and that of your interlocutor.

In line with the modulation modalities of which I spoke earlier about the cameras, even for the Hydrogen One will be possible to add technological components to turn it into a photo-camera or a camera.

Jim Jannard, founder of Red, told Usa Today that his will is to bring the vision of the human eye, which is not two-dimensional, into the smartphone world.

The Hydrogen One will come out in two models, one in titanium and one in aluminum, respectively for $ 1595 and $ 1295. The pre-orders are already possible from their site, but the bad news is that they are already all bought …

If interested, you’ll have to wait for them to arrive in the store.

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