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Why build if we can restructure? When you have in your hands the power of a historic structure that has seen the rebirth of a country it seems almost natural bring new energy to the places where it is consumed rebirth. In the mega complex in the heart of Charlottenburg former West Berlin, has been finished the Zentrum am Zoo, area that over time and with great investment, not only came back to life, but is in effect one of the absolute most cool places of the German capital. One of the main examples of appreciation that have helped to increase the appeal of the area is the neighborhood concept Bikini Berlin, a futuristic vision of sustainable cities all included: residential, shopping center, market and hotel, a real leap into the future that after 4 years of work he has opened its doors to the city and to all the visitors who enjoy innovation.

Perfect place for a bit of relaxation or just to bask in the sun is the magnificent roof garden free entrance, approximately 7000 square meters that propel us in City West on a side and in the Zoo on the other side.

A veritable cathedral, the old BikiniHaus now Bikini Berlin, which in less than a year has affirmed its brand globally, thanks to its concept and vision of openness and transparency for those who visit and those who habitually he lives it.

From the architectural point of view it is preferred to give relief to the original structure, a block formed by volumetric games that we can feel even indoor, because the focus was to include the rooms used to the public in a network of mobile spaces rather than divide it space with new architectures.

Among the top branding realitations we can find in this large conceptual container there is the restaurant-coffee Eats, a wonderful greenhouse with a marked return to a dark-shabby newyorker nostalgia.

Another great apparition is the 25hours Hotel that offers a multitude of rooms differented by “the view”, that is, with a jungle sensation if overlooking towards to the zoo, ultra urban if overlooking to the City West.

It’s certainly an hotel with aggressive charm, a strong personality which is found in the public areas through which we perceive the international air of a Berlin that is experiencing a golden age.

In the furnishing and in the fine attention to detail you can feel a skilful free-hand which translated perfectly the concept of both, the 25 hours and the entire complex.

The entire hotel is a suggested route from white neon as trend garage-garden advises us.

Interesting mix the 25hours cause bringing together a nordic culture, lover of a very simple design featuring a color palette carefully designed, with the international culture of NYC that never sleeps and an ultra grunge London that revises the greenhouse of a grandmother from the green thumb and dedicated to the afternoon glass of cherry.

This space was created in 1957 by the architects Paul and Hans Schwebes Schoszberger in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The area came back to life thanks to investments that have given back to the people this wonderful square.

The Brand BikiniBerlin has quickly become international, becoming new-no-place-concept, a place no-place that surrounds us through a strong and bold personality that underlines every detail with a brand-rehearsed by marketers and architects who have expertly created an international atmosphere where any traveler can feel at ease.

It is the globetrotter the target of this concept, an international city accustomed to living spaces that offer everything and above all give you the chance to choose, places like these that he would have built and furnished in the same way. Intuitive vision of those spaces within this giant commercial center where the strength of the concept is clearly evident through the simplicity of a user living space without hindrance, the color palette is indicative to express this brand, which to be honest is well structured and he is able to convey a continuous intimacy far and wide the giant structure.

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