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When we talk about Fast fashion, the production and sale of inexpensive clothing and fashion, we cannot think about the Swedish chain H&M. From years on top, the H&M clothing have also won many celebrities from Kate Middleton to Jennifer Hudson, Alexis Bledel Kelly Osbourne, voicing the opinion that you can be cool by choosing the low cost fashion. And it is in this context that the Nordic company is going to launch a new brand that will debut in London in the fall of 2017. It is Arket, that has in its name all its essence. The term in fact in Swedish means “sheet of paper” and according to creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz, refers to the typical Scandinavian tradition of durable and functional design, as well as a metaphor alluding to a page to write, with optimism towards the future. Arket, according to the company, will offer a wide range of products for all: men, women and children and essentiality make its distinctiveness. The stores also sell household products signed Arket, but also a selection of other brands not manufactured by H&M.
The same Bernhardtz explained in detail what it is: a brand that is released by the fashions of the moment, thanks to its timeless essence, freshness and classic style quality. And speaking of quality, particular attention is paid to the process of creation of the garments and products, with an eye to the environment, which has always been one of the key points of the H&M mission.
But what about price? The products Arket cost slightly more than those in the H&M core, with men’s shirts from € 39 (about $ 42), up to € 115 (about $ 123).
It is very important, according Bernhardtz, making the shopping experience of the modern customer easier, putting under the same roof more marks so that he can choose according to his needs and convenience. It must be said, in fact, that among the brands that H&M controls there are also & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki and Weekday. The Swedish company had also announced the creation of two new brands in 2017, in addition to the opening of 430 new stores worldwide, including stores in five new countries: Kazakhstan, Colombia, Iceland, Vietnam and Georgia.
As for Arket however, after the London debut in Regent Street, other shops will be opened in Brussels, Copenhagen and Monaco, while at the same time 18 European countries will be able to purchase online. The fashion just a click away: you just have to put hands to money.

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