HIV awareness: from Haidway by Mykki Blanco to Dallas Buyers Club

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Some days ago the Rapper Mykki Blanco has released new video of Hideaway for an HIV awareness campaign. The rapper a few months ago claimed to have contracted the virus in 2011 and also declared that it would be involved in social work to raise awareness and also in making information campaigns about the virus.
HIV is one of the scourges of the past two centuries, and the video of the rapper as the awareness campaigns have shown that the virus itself is not restricted, as in so many it think, to homosexual cluster, far, the pandemic is increasingly politacally correct, although it is bad to say.
Just in the last hours, it has been accepted by the medical regulatory agencies of different countries, Prep, or in some cases the vaccine as a treatment for limiting the spread of the virus.
As life expectancy are now become very long, it is a virus that can fight and not only control,
by the care, which makes negative those who have contracted the virus to all the precautions you can take, through the purchasable tests at pharmacies and online, now there are no more excuses, be smart.
Check ourselves does not cost anything; nay 20 euro at the pharmacy for the home test, or a vial of your blood in the hospital. Zero excuses, be safe!
The rapper, has released this video full of meaning, almost fatherly. Information and prevention are the tools that we all have, not only to prevent the spread of the infection.
A look behind this has always been a very hot topic, just think of the masterpiece film that has seen a few years ago starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, which is precisely the theme and the difficulties in the past, who were affected by this virus, now controllable, just had to deal with for stay alive.
Explaining, even with a few turns of phrase, the virus is very democratic because it affects everyone, either from in sentimental preferences. So we check all of us, at least those of us with an active lifestyle.

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