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I do not think that hipster was a passing fad linked to a group of people, a niche, but a niche would say that they have been ones fully representative, while at the same time the whole company was invested by his influence in different ways and, some more and some less, it went through almost the entire western globalized society.
There has been talk of hipsters trend everywhere, there was talk of hipster club, hipster clothing, hipster design, hipster hairstyles, hipster behaviors etc …
There are some special things in this trend that was different from almost all the fads and which are instead to be taken in common to those of the great social changes.
First of all, it was a global trend, followed in all western countries and that all media have reported and was also often an incentive for dialogue in everyday relations between people.
Another trait is that it has been a trend that has affected not only one market area, I mean commodity, indeed there were winks and approaches to this style as well as in clothing even in restaurants, in design, in the ordinary means of transport, in the hairstyles and more generally in a range of behaviors and choices of taste, many also linked to the web.
Before explaining why hipster was more than a fashion trend a real change that has influenced Western society must be clear that the Hipster style born in 40s has almost nothing to do with that blossomed in 2010.
With Hipster was indicated in the 40s the young people of average extraction, whites, who had taken to emulate the lifestyle of the African-Americans jazz musicians. End.
In fact if we read some description of Hipster on various sites or let’s do a search for images we see that the clothing or musical tastes have almost nothing to do with those of the 40s and above what sets them apart from them is that the Hipsters of the ’40s were not part of a trend, but it was a real group of people, well defined and circumscribed according to social class, age, music tastes and characterized by certain indifference to the interests of the dominant society. A subculture in essence.
Today Hipster indicates a lot of people even very different from each other.
For if in the 40’s Hipster were still students or young white guys, in shirt and leather shoes, lovers of bebop, the Hipsters today are very different. They wear mostly T-shirts and sweatshirts printed, too tight or too loose, tight jeans possibly high-waisted, hats of all kinds, from the cyclist style to those of straw brimmed short, the shoes are sneakers and sometimes of leather, beard and or mustache are a must, but even here there are exceptions, the glasses have strictly frames obvious and in the hairstyles prefer asymmetrical or double cuts, goes well both the hair combed that disheveled.
They are no longer only students and no longer only young people, but we also see their thirties, forties and even some fifties who succeed, thanks their more mature age, to bring this style even in areas of work, registering a pleasant invasion of old school clubs, burger bars, concept stores that live between the vintage and the limited editions, renewed passion for craft beers and furnitures mixed between the street style and grandma’s house (the poor grandmother).
This is hipster man’s world of the 2000s that is already very variegated, but not as much as that one of hipster woman, perhaps fewer in number, but as always with many more facets, so many that they have sub-cultures diffrent from the real Hipster trend, proving that hipster was not even more a sub-culture, but a facet of the culture of Millennials.
One of the sub-cultures hipster is in fact that of the famous Suicide Girls, translated, beautiful, piercingate and tattooed models, with bright colors hair, red, blond, but also lots of green and blue.
The influences are a mix of today metropolitan urban cultures and styles taken from the pin-up of the ’50s, all spiced with punk, sometimes winking at the androgynous style, going to touch the most sober fetishism and sadomasochism.
Women Hipster to extremes can dress up in dresses from the flea market, linked to femininity sober and reassuring in total contrast with the uninhibited and boost of the today body demonstration, or wear clothes, including pants or shirts jeans mold male, that is important is not stay always away from the ordinary fashion, but try to customize their own style.
In this regard, this desire of not to be homologated to the common sense of aesthetics and of thought it was valid in the hipster culture until the ’70s, as in the days of Ginsberg so to speak, because today feels in the hipster culture not so much the desire to be detached from the dominant culture, but on the contrary it seems vigere the desire to participate with their own ideas.
In fact, if for a certain period the Hipster has also been an opponent of the capitalist culture and consumerism, today the Hipster, as always happens into the mature cultures, prefer dialogue with the dominant culture and was indeed able to bring a nice breath of fresh air, often also consumerist conscious, within the social and commercial western texture.
Today, more than a phenomenon against the mainstream appears to be a push to not passively accept the mainstream and bring added value to what you do and what you buy.
We have to somehow thank the Hipster culture throughout the vintage wave in design but not only in this, because hipster meant more generally want to find something special, personal, vintage or new, that would could give warmth to the rooms of which industrialization of supplies had induced the death.
If we want to, just look at simply how the objects in the various commercial sites are becoming more prominent in terms of square meters of exhibition to give originality to the rooms and we can also look how the large industries strive to follow this trend, making this kind of furnitures more economically accessible.
The furnishings in many cases have followed this trend to the originality, breaking away from pure modernism.
Remaining in the field of design, but of interiors this time, the atmospheres that have collected the public’s favor in the metropolis are largely industrial expressions of the eighth and the first twentieth century, mixed with pieces of design 70s or recycled.
At the explosion of the stoneware porcelain and of the resins in the mainstream distribution channels, with the revaluation of the personnel particular were seen bringing to light old parquet floors, natural wood for benches and tables, minimalist design in noble materials for the sittings and a great love for the rediscovery of the brick wall possibly with wooden beams on sight.
The concept stores have a new refreshed, especially those who have combined the usual condo of music and clothing with the food.
The food has also had its portion of hipster influence, with burger bars and small bistros Williamsburg style exploded a little ‘everywhere even in European cities.
We see in the behavior instead a strong tendency to traditional and old school tattoos, but above all the renewed use of the bicycle that has prompted a real trend itself, that one of the single-shot, vintage or new of minimal design.
Design which is also found in the trends that have seen the computer graphics mixarsi with electronic music and give life to multisensory experiments related to art.
We say that about these and other trends we could write endlessly, what counts and has to be explicated is that, first of all the hipster culture is no longer a subculture, having in itself already subcultures, has completed the ripening cycle. Founded as a subculture in the 40’s, grew up as a subculture in the ’70, goes in incubation to reappear as a trend tied to vintage in the ’00, it is transformed into cultural wave, integral part of the dominant culture, giving back to this latter new cultural spaces, physical and of reflection on the passive acquisition which was being born in the Millennial generation towards all things that are mainstream.

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