Herakut take the question of gender equality on a wall in Amman

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Quraysh street is one of Amman’s main arteries that winds its way through the low-rise houses and becomes Al-Hashemi street where the Roman theater of the Jordanian capital stands majestically. The Arab architecture is perceived by looking up a little and looking at the long portico, paying attention to cross the road during traffic jam that continues incessantly until late at night.

The smell and sounds interspersed by the horns stimulate two of the five senses, but going down the road with the theater behind it, is the view “called into question” in front of a huge mural covering the entire façade of the first large building that appears .


Black background, on the left side a geometry decomposed with an electric blue, in the center a face cut in two with half male face on the left and the other half, on the right, a female face. Next to it, the Arabic writing “We are one”. The work, nowadays integrated in the daily context that we see a pick-up which sells fruits, was made in 2016 by Akut, of the German duo Herakut.

The mural is the result of a social dialogue on the gender issue, promoted by the UsAid integration program and part of the aptArt artistic project. Seven young Jordanians were confronted on the issue of equality through the poetry slam: their opinions, their ideas are conveyed within verses in which a strong social change was supported, a delicate issue in a country with a strong Muslim incidence like Jordan, however, is open and welcoming towards new and different contaminations.

A dialogue is possible as evidenced by the work of Akut that through street art tries to raise awareness of Amman with its nearly five million inhabitants. The German artist has chosen as models of inspiration, the artist Kevin Ledo, and Noor Issa, curator of art and designer of Amman.


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