What the hell is the Blue Whale?

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Blue whalebird, Blue Whale, is a marine mammal belonging to the subordinates of the Mystic. With over 33 meters in length and 200 tons of weight, it is the largest known animal ever lived on Earth.
Unfortunately what we’re talking about is not a cetacean, but could, I use the conditional, being a deadly game that is bringing hundreds of teenagers to suicide.
The name of the game would come from the floating cetaceans who, leaving the shore to die.
That is why I use the conditional: to state that the news could be a fake was NetFamilyNet.org and again Georgi Apostolov of the Bulgarian Center, which are concerned with making the network safer. The news would be born between November 2015 and May 2016 in Russia, the country from which the trend would come. Just a short time ago, the Blue Whale appeared in scandalous tabloid pages like The Daily Mail and The Sun.
The game would spread through an app, which is nowhere to be found. So the mystery, whose presumably would be Philipp Budeikin, a former Russian psychology student, continues. Yet he does not declare innocent, but he has said he does not feel sorry. Budeikin would have created this game to push people killing people who judged them unworthy of living.
Despite this we do not know whether he is the inventor of the game or the app because no evidence of their existence has ever been found up to now, however, the deaths of 16 girls would be attributable to him. So he could be a pathological liar.
There are more or less 150 dead teenagers in Russia for this game. In truth, these are unexplained suicides that have no clear connection with the Blue Whale. In Italy there would be 130 cases, but only one, the case of a 15-year-old in Livorno, would seem to have clues related to the game.
Since the app has never been found, according to Corriere della Sera, it would work as a metropolis legend:
“Usually called” creepypasta “. The name is a portmanteau crippled “cut and paste” or the act of copying and pasting text to spread in forums and “creepy” which in English means “disturbing.” Basically they are nothing but the web version, and then even more exaggerated, the horror stories that are told in camp. Some of them, over time, have spread to such an extent that they come to the general public, as in the case of Slender Man, and then enter the collective imagery and become horror movies, comics or video games. The fate of Blue Whale is not very different “.
I think I will avoid explaining how to reach the sites or groups that dictate the rules. I will not even explain the tasks a kid should do by car inflict pain for 50 days until he gets to gather the courage needed to commit suicide. I will only tell you that even if this story was not true, the risk of emulation is always alive and well. And in fact, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, Elvira D’Amato, deputy lawyer added and member of the postal police pool explained that he is investigating about 40 reports, but the cases could be many more. “Some of the reports speak of more people,” says D’Amato, “a group or a whole schoolboy. There has been a plethora of reports in recent days, including thanks to the media. The reports are very different from each other, we are investigating to see how many fake devices and cases of game emulation are there”.
One thing I can say is that one of the last songs the Strokes have left us is called “you only live once”, listen to her. And to you parents do not say anything, you will be already frightened and disoriented by yourself.

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