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healthy fast food

Healthy fast food. Img Credits: Miguel Vaca
The millennials are changing the world, and this is not a secret, but being able to change the fast food and the like was a challenge far from simple, but the favorite generation, the one that with the fast food it grew it succeeded even in this challenge.
The fast food is becoming more and more healthy, and this time not only so to speak.
Increasing attention to the nutritional value of the products and the quality of the raw material, a central issue for the large retail chains, which at the request of the people had always had to increase the quantity and reduce cost and quality, the consumption crisis has led instead to a helthy reversal gear. In Hong Kong in fact the chain of the great M, McDonald, who has grew up in some way all of us, opened NEXT, revolutionary fast food made from quinoa, pineapple, fresh salads and freshly prepared meals. Of course the burger is not gone, but this too, inevitably, it had to go on a diet and make up for quality.

This of course is only the first step, you have to educate customers and make them understand that if it costs more, sometimes it’s good and it’s a quality index, forgetting lunches 4.90 euro.
The Ronald chain, the most famous clown in the world, is obviously not the only one to have started to offer healthy food, indeed, many and long before it have understood the importance that this area would have been on one of the most attentive and influential generations in society now alive.
Even Subway, the famous American chain that has landed in many countries, proposes healthy and vegan meals low-calorie .
But there are lots of chains that have always offered food low calorie quality, such as Lyfe Kitchen, americanissima healthy chain, which teaches every day the pleasure of eating quality food without sacrificing taste, but with an eye to health.
From England instead for power enthusiasts, fitness and more, Yolo Food teaches, choosing from the menu your own weekly diet regime, prepared and delivered under vacuum, the food is fresh, and it is perfect to accompany goals in the gym or of the diet, for those who have these needs otherwise it is an excuse to eat well, so healthy and not mess the kitchen.

In Italy it is branching unabated, Universo Vegano, Vegan fast food, which leads into a dimension easier to understand for all the lifestyle No Animal Protein.
Or again always in Italy, we find Viva, that from a healthy fast food has become the Milanese version of the now institutional Whole Foods Market, long awaited in Italy.
From this quick overview of names, business ideas and companies sizes, we understand that the brands of food, mainly those of fast food, have been called to face a challenge, be healthy and tasty at reasonable prices, definitely hard to keep the sandwich at 0.90 cents if we talk about quality product, but certainly something can be done.
It also the CocaCola makes its own, with the CocaCola life, fewer calories and preservatives, sweetened with the sole of the decade, stevia, a reassuring label with different shades of green gives a healthy moment to lovers of fast food.
What is certain is that the big chains never will change from one day to other one their core business and supply, impossible at the business level to think such a thing, it must be done step by step, following a current that is now strong since the 90s of last century, certainly will benefit in the end the good management that makes change the company shortly before the consumer, so that we can grow together, like Mc is trying to do with its Millennials. The challenge was accepted with NEXT, the McDonald salad bar and the customization of the plate in a healthy fast food bodes well.

Here all the nominated sites in the article.
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