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Say goodbye to American Apparel! Or at least as you knew until now.
The Brand Manufacturing of LA was a few days sold to giant Canadian Gildan Actiwear through a bankruptcy auction.
American Apparel was not able to hold the market with the fast fashion giants like H & M who slowly ate their target, helped by a very much more advantageous pricing policy.

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American Apparel yet, has been one of the most controversial of the last 30 years of clothing brands, which had managed to achieve success thanks to its particularly borderline campaigns with which they had made the history of fashion, influencing fashion and his view the communication.
Campaigns, those of the Californian brand, which portrayed young models in private life moments. Shots that now would remain private on the roller of the phone, or filtered and beaten on social. VANGUARD considered at the time, but today a callus that does not allow us to be scandalized. For those who still screams to scandal my invitation is to look conscientiously even the advertising of shower gel, now do not sin more purity even ones.
But things have not always gone well. The brand, at times, it seemed the transposition of the personality of its CEO, Dov Charney. A man who has never hidden his thinking, hard to forget the interview with Jane Magazine in 2004, particularly controversial piece.


american-apparel-ShockBlast He, Dov Charney, who founded the brand in 1997, but has produced its first T many years ago, now asserts, without any vibration in his voice, that the collapse of his empire is due to Wall Street malfeasance. Probably one of the main causes of the change of ownership is his dismissal for “misconduct”, his disappearance and overshadowed by accusations of sexism and suspects sexual violence. The company speaks through the Global Director Pr, which confirms the closure by April of all American stores like those English who were the first to close in truth, except in Camden, the historic center of London.




Sources such as the Chicago tribune say that several companies were interested in buying the brand, such as Amazon, Forever 21 and Authentic Brands Group, were interested in buying American Apparel and finally the agreement was concluded after Gildan has increased by as many as 22 million dollars to its initial offer.
However, the agreement remained outside all the shops, 260 in 19 countries, half of which in the US.
Icon NormCore, now it will be difficult to replace, at least in the hearts of addicted, for shopping and for the portfolios are opening around the world shops of the new line no gender by ZARA, the fast fashion giant that now has launched in ‘ ungendered with much criticism, although the market was particularly ripe for this kind of product.

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