Hail Caesar: the Coen brothers strike again

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There are a priest, a rabbi, a shepherd and an Orthodox priest who discuss their interpretation of the nature of the Son of God, or rather have to give their opinion on the interpretation that is given in a film. I’m not telling a tale, it is the beginning of “Hail Caesar!”, The new film of the brothers Joel and Ethan Coen.
We are in Hollywood, and the stories of whimsical actors, communist writers, vain journalists and wealthy producers, are united by a common thread Eddie Mannix, a fixer, or one who takes care to avoid the scandals as a risque photos, conceal pregnancies out of wedlock and meet every need of the eccentric star of the film. The story of Mannix, catholic trustworthy man, with the only fetish, that of smoke in secret from his wife, in some ways reminiscent of that which affirmed screenwriter Ben Hetch: “I hate the actors.” Each actor of “Hail Caesar!” Is suitable for a particular role, specializing in representing a world, but if you strayed clothes and other garments are awkward and out of place. As for the scene between Ralph Fiennes and Alden Ehrenreich, in which the young western actor is in a romantic film and failing to say “I wish it were that simple!” Leads to a comic scene that will make history. It may also happen that disappears the protagonist of a film on the life of Jesus, George Clooney, who would play a Roman centurion. The story is complicated, because the kidnappers are a group of low-paid screenwriters, poorly rewarded and communists.
Today, the scandals and the life of Hollywood stars are not hiding anymore, they are no more beautiful examples of righteousness to follow, today scandals are created on purpose to advertise a film, an album or to restore luster to a career.
We are far from the latest films of Joel and Ethan. “About Davis” is light years away, not only for the subject matter or the sparkle of the scenography, but also for the colors and themes. Certainly the slowness almost unreal by the Coen remains as a trademark.
In Italy the film was released in theaters only on March 10, while in the United States for more than a month. It cost 20 million Euros and has already received more than twice.
Reading the reviews you know it’s a good movie but does not touch the peaks of the other films, it may seem less and less deep.
The professional critics are divided. If some call “Hail Caesar!” A nice comedy that makes you laugh, others write that behind the laughter there’s more, there is a beautiful film. For some, the cardinal sin is to have revealed, normalcy and smallness that there was, or is there, behind those that we imagine as great stars.
For myself I found the movie, nice to see, for both photography Roger Deakins, perfect, which changes from genre to another, saturating, dulling, counteracting where needed. The Mary Zophres costumes are perfect.
So Joel and Ethan have another spell of them. Go see the movie, but if you want my advice, not the spectacle of 22:00, or a day in which you are tired, because it is worth to be seen!

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