Google Pay integrated with PayPal.

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Pay directly on YouTube or Gmail, the way to payments without friction.

It was January of this year when Google released a statement announcing the birth of Google Pay, Google’s unified payment system, which combined Android Pay and Google Wallet.

Basically, if you ever paid an app or used the autofill of Google’s payment fields, you had already used Google Pay services, but before were two different systems that are now unified.


But the big G has not stopped and it is news of these days of the joint venture between Google and PayPal to create a deep integration of their payment systems.

Basically, users who will pass their payment details from PayPal to Google Pay will be able to pay bills and various products using their PayPal account, but without leaving Google services.

The integration should arrive on the market by the end of the year and will be available on Gmail, YouTube, Google Store and any other service that already uses Google Pay.

The service will not only include payments, but also peer-to-peer transfers.


Clearly the resulting advantage is for both. In fact, Google will no longer have to see abandoned its sites to make a payment through PayPal and the latter greatly extends the possibilities of using its service to users.

The integrated service aims to eliminate all types of friction, such as log-in, passing from site to site or additional steps to have a flow that must become increasingly easy and user-friendly.

As for PayPal, it went to close the payment circle expanding on the “physical” market, buying for € 2.2 billion iZettle, a Swedish startup that creates tools for POS payments.


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