Google Glass & Tesla: the wearable technology arrives in the assembly line

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Do you remember Google Glass? Insofar as harmful to the privacy of users and not, as at the end every other device, the camera with the camera obscura, until the last smartphone, were able, finally, to find their natural place. Their aspiration was not evidently, but only for now, to stay on the nose of the general public, despite the endless possibilities of application.
In fact, “a new way of working,” says the creator of software for Smart Glass APX Labs, a company specializing in digital and technological development to support the workers in their daily manufacturing processes, referring to the fact that the Big G Glass are already used in the production line, no less, at Tesla, to increase production and reduce human error.
The Californian company, pioneer in the branch of futuristic technologies had already given its users the opportunity to drive the greenest car of 2013, the Model S with google glass.
Now Tesla is aiming to produce 500k vehicles per year by the end of the decade, which probably with the help of a hand, or rather a technological eye, which helps these artisans of technology, almost certainly succeed in the attempt.
The Google Glass Enterprise edition, those used and designed for the production and the world of work in general, seem to be the solution to minimize waste and errors, potential, and maximize human performance.
Many are the partners and customers of APX Labs, noted, even a lot, and others less well-known that probably already use this technology in their supply chains, but not only.
Certainly the Smart Glass, like those of Big G, have very extensive technical applications, from the assembly line to the operating room, or why not in architecture, design or fashion as a support system that goes by the designer to the manufacturer.
For the general public, there is only to wait, not because the technology is not developed enough, but it is the market that probably has yet to adapt to a technology with such a wide potential.
One of the rare, but it’s not too, cases where the company arrives before of the market.
The sales figures of Smart Glass, are particularly confused and what we could see the withdrawal from the market in January ’15 was not a real U-turn, it seemed more like a market test. So we expect a forthcoming, perhaps more appropriate on the public, although perhaps with the new generations the concept that brought them out of the market will be more and more borderline.
To us of the future will judge.

APX labs site 

Credit Photo Lubomir Panak


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