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Ok, say Los Angeles California, is already enough to make it look like something cool, but this place, or rather two, which are the sites of the museum, are really a bomb. In addition, within the global museum scene, which we have already discussed the degree of homogeneity (article link) this differs totally and appears to be a very special brand.
Let’s see why. First of all the location of the two sites. Aren’t museums in the city, but they are surrounded by nature, with the Getty Villa (1 location) close to the sea in Malibu and the Getty Center (2nd location) in the hills of Los Angeles. You understand how this already makes a difference crazy than the other museums in the world. Second, the structure and the mood of the location.
Both are spectacular, but not spectacular in terms of the architectural concept, not express anything new, are not the Pompidou or the Guggenheim, but are spectacular in the basic sense of the term, that is they make a show, seem a set a movie of Hollywood , they are rich charm, easy to understand, because they are huge and so californians. It should be given about the Getty not hide behind veils too authoritative held together by conceptual mountings that too often keep people away from museums because they feel they have not the right knowledge to understand in depth the works. The Getty instead loves to show for what is his soul more beautiful: the popularity. We will see how the real difference in terms of branding the Getty is precisely its focus to be social and friendly, perhaps more than any other brand in the museum world.
Going back to the location, we see that these are the first reason to make a visit to the museum, even for who is at the first time that it approaches to art, because in reality they seem almost like amusement parks. The first is precisely the Getty Villa, a real Roman-style villa, inspired by the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum that contains a huge collection of more than 44,000 works of art Roman, Greek and Etruscan. This is the home where he was born the Getty Museum, which to contain the continuous increase in the collection of works has subsequently built and opened the Getty Center, the new building, enormous, on the top of Los Angeles.
Getty Villa, also this of gigantic dimensions, is a show because reproposes the ancient Rome to Los Angeles and for an American is just like going to a theme park. It’s not like the Egyptian museums that are located in cities and that are sites in typical structures of that city, that are containers in their own right. The special feature of this part of the Getty, is that it was built also a structure, in the present case of a Roman villa giant, the right outline to the artworks of that period.
We talk about a Mueso built on the theme of works that have to contain, for total immersion in the historical period.
The Getty Museum has done the real step towards edutainment with the Getty Center. In fact, if the Villa is a great example of American-style entertainment museum, the Getty Center is an example of how you should “make the museum” today globally, for that regards the attractiveness to the public and the art education .
There is nothing more beautiful than when you go to a museum and instead to see, suspicious radical-chic that contemplate more or less always with the disgusted face any artwork, see people sitting on the ground groped to take inspiration from the artworks or groped to reinterpret , making the art something really dynamic and active as is our global and connected society.

The Getty Center is designed in this direction. It is a dynamic structure, as building and as organizational thinking. The art exhibits are many and alternate simultaneously in many other events, then there are open spaces with many beautiful gardens from where you can see the entire northern part of Los Angeles for a fantastic experience that crosses nature and culture, in fact, the gardens are full of artworks and sometimes host side projects as well as other areas covered in order to build a program so dense as to transform these parallel projects in substantive. Indeed you can participate in art workshops where you actually put to work with colors and materials, then there are the talks organized to discuss art, a space is left to the food, so important to our society in which all the dictates about the food are in renegotiating, then there are times and places for children and in the end, concerts and film screenings.
A nod more precise in our opinion should be done on concerts. Are concerts in full Getty-style, that is popular in the basic sense of the term. If in fact you can expect that a museum contemplating a calendar of concerts for intellectuals sitting, the Getty has inaugurated the “Saturday Nights at the Getty” with live bands such as Shannon and the Clams and Waters, DJ sets and Drinks on the top of LA
In short, this is a museum where is being doing everything , following the concept that art is in everything.
Perhaps the best thing of all in addition to all those mentioned, is the feeling with which they are presented and promoted these happenings in style American popular. The courses on art, workshops, screenings and the very concept of the museum is social.
That is branding. What transpires and that differentiates the Getty in the museums’s market, is the fact that it is pointing most of all on sociability. The Getty is a social space in the first place and it does shine through in everything, by the fact that almost everything is free and not only that, we know for certain that the public appreciates, just check out the reviews on TripAdvisor, where lot of people cite it as “Best Place to go in Los Angeles.

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  1. Avatar Adam Granet says:

    Beautiful place, fantastic view, a comprehensive collection of art, lovely gardens for relaxation. Thank you for a pleasant experience. Adam Granet , Prague , Czech Republic

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