Germany approves gay marriages. Angela Merkel: I voted no but respect now

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“Marriage is stipulate for life between two persons of different sex or of the same sex.” It is part of the law approved by the German Parliament wherewith Germany has said yes to gay marriage. The text was approved by a majority with 393 votes of Social Democrats, Ecologists, Radical Left and Conservatives, while voting against Chancellor Angela Merkel, who in recent days had left freedom of conscience to her deputies. “For me marriage is basically a union between a man and a woman and for that I voted against – said Merkel – It was a long and intense debate, now I hope there is respect between the parties.” At the end of the sitting, the hall celebrated the decision with a spell of confetti. At the end of the sitting, the hall celebrated the decision with confetti.

The law will now have to pass by the vote of the House’s High of Parliament, a mere formality according to the forecasts of the eve. By the end of 2017, Germany will definitively approve homosexual weddings and adoption. The theme is not new to Berlin because for years they were already in force the civil unions eingetragenen Partnerschaften, but the topic has burst agenda also German for election rapidly approaching expiry date: September Germany will be called to vote For Parliament and, by accident, the latest polls indicate the majority of Germans’ consent to
homosexual marriages.

It has been 16 years since, for the first time in the world, Holland has legalized gay unions: 12 European countries have followed the example (such as, among others, UK, Spain and France), while in others are governed by law civil unions (even Germany, Denmark and Greece, for example). Last in this special classification Italy that gave the green light only in 2016. In many Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania among others) are not recognized or marriages or civil unions between same-sex . This is probably the most eloquent message to continue a battle of civilization and equality, even before legality.

Across the globe, Canada has approved the law since 2005, while between 2015 and 2016 the United States has extended gay unions to all federal states.

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