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geneva motor show

Geneva Motor Show. Img Credits and Copyright: Automotive Space

From 2008 to today I think there is never been in history so much direct information to the public about banking and finance. We all have understood and tried one thing, and that is that between finance and the real economy there is a huge difference and do not always the trends fit together.

Well, why this introduction? Because from what I can see from cars at Geneva Motor Show, the same difference exists among the prototipes of the automakers that link all on electricity and the real market, which has often trends that push to the opposite.

I still remember, as a child with my father at the Bologna Motor Show when I saw the first car with solar panels, huge and with only one seat. Already we hoped for something to stop poison the air, but still we are far from that result and not because we do not have the technological capabilities to advance.

In fact, after a few years when everybody wanted to present its electric or hybrid project, today some car houses seem to have given up the idea, prevented to commercialize the electric vehicles due to the limited independence and supply difficulties.

But this is not the only paradox, the other one is that some design trends of the future models of transports pointing on ever smaller vehicles, light, low consumption and reduced price, while instead we see that most of the cars grows size and one of a growing sales trend on the rise is that of the Suv, crossover and Suv coupe.

So on one hand we have the introduction of the Twizy in the city that can be connected to electrical towers in parking lots, we introduce more and more car-sharing and push the use of public transport, by car world it seems to get quite the contrary.

Cars are huge, the more efforts are related to consumption, so they are making small engines more efficient, but the pollution problems and traffic management do not seem to be minimally scratched.

The oracle seemed destined to come from the genius of Elon Musk, who in these days in Geneva presents in Europe the Tesla Model X, which would be the car that has to revolutionize the car market.

The problem is that in principle it is a sort of SUV coupe, even not too beautifull when compared to the various BMW X6, X4 or Mercedes Gle that in terms of aesthetics are light years ahead, it is also hard to think that it can revolutionize the market given that the Pricing starts at 130,000 usd.

Continuing to talk about suv, we have to mention another step that marks clearly how these market trends are effective with respect to those trends that then only serve to make prototypes, we are talking about Maserati, which enters the SUV market by presenting Levante.

From the point of view instead of the hybrid some good things and many efforts are made by Lexus from many years, the flagship brand of the Toyota group that now begins to mount hybrid engines also on cars for large audiences that require cars with cost more accessible, those branded Toyota.

From the point of view of the market, the stronger party on the hybrid is BMW, who after the launch of the prestigious I8 and the small I3, begins to mount hybrid systems also on those series already from a long time industrialized, like Series7.

But if you give a look around the web, what makes the news? None of those things so far written. What draws fans of the automotive world is that beast of the Lamborghini Centenario, or that other monster that is the new Bugatti, the Chiron, 1500 horsepower, 16-cylinder W and 32 injectors to reach the 420 km / h speed. But to be honest it is not only this, the world of fans of the cars consists of people very careful to the technical sides of the vehicles, but much more to those sentimental, so you can not miss the latest version of the Pagani Huayra, the Huayra BC, even more bad and limited edition of only 20 pieces, named after the collector Benny Caniola that is disappeared in 2010, great friend of Oracio Pagani.

These are those examples that explain of how the car world is more than ever at a crossroads. On one side there is the emotional story about pilots and collectors, people who have marked the world through the creation of one of the largest commercial markets ever, on the other hand we have a future made by electric cars, not fast and that maybe they will drive by themselves.

Today, from what I saw at the Geneva Motor Show, it seems that the car market is a market that has little to do with the talk about transportation.

On the one hand we have the incentive to use the train, the bus, the subway, the car-sharing and on the other we have SUVs, crossovers and super car, along with a world of small two volumes that make up the bulk of the market but are neither super efficient nor exciting.

What is the future? To tell the truth there is to say that we find ourself more confused than before, especially in light of the fact that the Tesla, mentioned earlier, is having excellent sales results, for the 75% realized in North America. In fact, although this Model X don’t make me crazy, especially for design and price, could be the forerunner of the market that will be established between the transport sector and the car industry, but these times are uncertain, you need to see when and if they will take part of the game Google and Apple.

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