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It’s called Roberto Caccamo, his Instagram profile is very close, he has about 89k followers. Perhaps you will remember how MISTERCACCAMO. You’re nodding, so you understand who he is. He loves to travel, he is always cheerful and almost never dressed. From December 7 to 10, he will be one of Gbreak’s hosts, so we thought he knew it better. We tried to figure out how to combine everyday life with all this online and offline notoriety.

“Really the” notoriety “is something that others feel more than you first -answered Roberto. If you did not tell me I’m a well-known person, I would not have taken it into consideration. ”

Your Instagram profile is definitely cheerful and fun, often speak of smiles and happiness. What is happiness for you?

“Happiness is to feel good about myself and to realize my person. Everything else comes from there! ”

Looking at your profile can see that you are a traveler. What is your favorite place in the world and why?

“Just because I’m always on the road there is no better place than my house! Traveling is magnificent, it opens your mind, but it happens to envy those who can enjoy the daily life of their own home, their own affections and their own family. ”

In your caption you are always very synthetic, we really know little about you and your private life. Who is Mister Caccamo?

“You’ve always been a little elusive and although you share many things online, I always try to keep the most intimate ones for me.

I usually try to evade this kind of questions … just as I’m doing now. ”

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Speaking of Instagram, how can a social person be useful to LGBTQ cause? Do you feel this responsibility?

“I think Instagram is a means to get to many people, and therefore it is also crucial to the LGBTQ cause. In my small way, I try to show the daily life of my love life with my boyfriend, to make it clear that there is nothing else and nothing strange. We love each other”.

From 7 to 10 December we will see you at GBreak, tell us what you expect from this event.

“I expect to have fun with a casinooooo !!!!! Get away from it all because I really need it and enjoy a great vacation between relaxation and party with new and old friends. ”

Why do you think GBreak is an important event for the Italian gay community?

“Because we tend to flee abroad and find ourselves in search of other Italians. Let’s remember to have a beautiful country and ITALIANS DO IT BETTER.

I know, I am very patriotic”.

Can we be a little prying? What do they mean the tattoo you have on your fingers?

“VIXI VICI” I lived, I won “in Latin, and my motto in life: live 100% and do it only to win.

When I am will die, I’ll watch your fingers and exclaim: “YES, YOU HAVE DONE MISTERCACCAMO!” ».

By now we have tasted to make you your own. There is a constant in your photos: the slip. Where did your passion for the slip come from, we can say a bit eccentric?

“It is from the fact that I can not post full nude photos.”

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