MILAN FURNITURE FAIR – Haigõ, a rare gem in – Isola District –

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In the new district of Milan furniture fair, the ISOLA DISTRICT, in the shadow of the vertical forest are not many things that are worth the trip up to the satellite district, home now of elderly HYPE.
Haigo worth instead.
It is worth, both the long walk that the heat which is affecting Milan these days.
Haigõ is the concept of a concept store that will be born in the Italian creative capital, Milan.
The space is a relaxing black box, which immediately explains the mood and what they want to convey uncompromising research apt to not annoy the user space.

– We fight routine with unusual design objects and an unforgettable experience –

The selection of objects that they present, makes the idea of research aimed at promoting in their future Milanese space.
Details of affordable design for an audience who that genre, with a purchasing power even more limited, the target is large, for those who love Style but affordable, timeless and sophisticated, not only young people in the court of future concept store, my opinion.
I spoke with Fabio Colturri, founder and creator of the project, who introduced me to the idea with a few words but by creating a vivid image of what they want to do with Marica Gigante, Visual Merchandiser.
It looks like a promising foundation: he comes from the world of Entertainment, she from fashion – retail, a feeling, their, that breathe in the project that they present.
From connoisseur of new ways to communicate, do business, create networks and addicted to novelties, you can imagine my great satisfaction when Fabio tells me that everything is born from a instagram page launched in 2016, trying to collect images and products by sophisticated style that expresses a sober lifestyle and definitely timeless. After one year, the page has over 45k followers.

-We had enough of stores without soul nor character¨ where products are not appreciated –

I immediately thought happily on return to the experience of purchase, see the product live in a space that values It and makes It live, unlike the deposits from which we used to buy, if we do not online. A slow shopping, where you do not go just to buy the item, you are immersed in its concept, the opposite of the places with files produced overcrowd the mind of those who approach the purchase.
Colturri and Gigante have brought a selection of products that well defines the branding of what will be. They managed to select pure lines coming from opposite latitudes and longitudes, with a high potential expressed. The selection is very sophisticated, with a structured communicative language. With them work some already known designers, other new and young, that astonish:

-FLYTE; – sweden –
-Jangir Maddadi; – sweden –
-Sein; – denmark –
-Sturlesi – israel –
-Mykin; – norway –
-Stdio Marfa; – germany –
-ORNA by Johan; Finland –

fresh Reality, for people who always look for something new and they do it in stimulating places, good vibes.



  • Flyte_1
  • Sturlesi_2
  • Studio Marfa_table
  • Studio Marfa_shelf_2
  • Studio Marfa_shelf_1
  • Sturlesi_1
  • Sein_2
  • Sein_1
  • ORNA_Office
  • ORNA_hallway
  • Mykin_chair_2
  • Mykin_chair_1
  • Kabinet Van Look_Rotary
  • Kabinet Van Look_Nebula
  • Jangir Maddadi_union family
  • Jangir Maddadi_swarm
  • GiveInForGreen_table
  • GiveInForGreen_shelf
  • GiveInForGreen_pot
  • GiveInForGreen_lamp
  • Flyte_2

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