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«You can not expect that the events that you want rain down from the sky. You have to provoke them» it is the great teaching of which Sigourney Weaver makes a gift to the naive Tess Mcgill, played by Melanie Griffith in” Working Girl “.
A film that I think has formed entire generations of women of ’80 and ’90 who fantasized about a career, an Armani tailleur and above all an undisputed popularity.

We, the daughters of those generations, we’ve studied for this place, we have invested years behind a dream. And if our mothers, not all to be clear, have stopped when are falling in love devoting their lives to the family and to “Him”, which does not resemble even to Harrison Ford, like in the movie, but it seems more Homer Simpson.
Those of my generation, in their thirties today, have not even left the career for him or for the children, ours is a career with withholding tax, a VAT career. We invented our work, conquered and especially handled. Our brand is us!

The CNA has photographed a peculiar phenomenon of our country, it seems that 54% of surveyed Italian women has created from scratch a company. An interesting data if you think that most of these companies use the Internet as the main medium. In the US this is not unusual, according to the Pew Internet Project,:« the 66% of the US female population actively uses the communicative potential of the Web».
The study of LinkedIn, with a great name, “What Women Want @ Work,” says that “most of the women around the world (63%) defined career success as the right balance between career and private life and nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) believe they can “reconcile both things”.

In short, the web, social networks have become a big “professional enabler” for those who can use them. There are plenty of moms who have made of the motherhood a job opportunity, of course, in style. Some shabby, other bon ton, other hipster, but the ones I prefer are the “Funky Mamas”. More of a movement, a revolution, a blog, many followers, millions of friends, advice and a line of handbags. For Mattlumine I have had the pleasure to interview Justin, founder of the blog.

justin funky mamas

justin funky mamas

A manifest and a revolution founded on the smile, who are the Funky Mamas and how is born the Funky movement?

«The Funky Mamas are all women who recognize themselves in our manifesto, who feel at ease in our rubrics and our style.
After years online we wanted to write a summary of our thinking, simple and direct, for people who are on our homepage for the first time as a reader, but also for companies».

How important is the brand identity, and why you felt the need to explain what is on your blog?

«The brand identity has been the engine of blogs, pity that at the time I was not conscious and didn’t use certainly to call it brand identity.
Initially this identity was mostly iconographic. I like to think that our brand identity is now recognized within the contents, in our language, in editorial decisions and projects we do with companies. Character yes, it is inevitable, but what says and does this Funky Mama?»

What are your relations with sponsors and how you choose them?

«The relationship with sponsors, in my opinion, you see from the final result. The companies with which collaboration has been built together, listening to each other, is usually the best way.
The choice is always based on consistency with our editorial, but sometimes also according to the proposed digital project. If you are certain that it will not work, I have no problems to say it and to pull back…»

You are funky moms who work, there are those who can not do neither one of these three things, you as you dug?

«I hope that I can do it. Do is already a success, then if the organization works better, but the truth is that first of all you have to jump, want it. The rest comes by itself. Some people can not do these things? Nope, there are those who can do it better and are so many!»

What is your relationship with social networks? And what kind of interaction you have with your readers?

«The relationship is great, simply because they are very grateful to the social networks: they have changed my life. I work thanks these (it still makes sense call them new?) reality.
The interaction with the readers is essential for me, from the critical to the support, we have built The Mamas together.
Always grateful, we know each other by now by name and does not feel the gap between virtual and real with who bears me from years as well as supports me».

From the beauty, food, to the handmade up to advice on children, you treated many topics.

«True, but what I like is that whoever writes is experienced! It is no coincidence that the rubrics more light are written by me, but our Funky Scientist, the lawyer, the style consultant, Drs Monica etc … I chosen them with the lantern: funky professional to the core.
I love them all immensely. Such a characters…»
So, to be popular, credible and “in career” no longer serves an Armani tailleur, just a couple of Superga worn wisely!

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