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“Last night I had a beautiful dream. I dreamed of being a child in the arms of my mother, she looked me in the eye and called me Lili “in this sentence is the essence of the film The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper. I think Eddie Redmayne, the protagonist, and his sweet and mincing eyes, deserved to win the Oscar and make a one-two, with all due respect to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The elegance, grace and delicacy with which he played Lili, are worthy of a major award like that dell’Accademy. Unfortunately it went wrong, but the film is worth to be seen and reviewed. An aesthetically beautiful film, beautiful texture and good actors. Maybe a little ‘long in some passages, this is, but perfect in its elegance. After leaving the cinema I wanted to put on red lipstick, I wanted silk stockings, cups and porcelain, but above all to leave for Paris. I wanted elegance.

I told elegance too many times? Well yes, because we do not expect this from a film about a transsexual, we are used to boa, high heels, false eyelashes and heavy makeup.

Perhaps the reality is that in the films, we live of stereotypes little real.

Lili Elbe was real, really existed and with it also the works of Gerda Gottlieb, has existed their love, their art, their suffering and especially the operation. Lili was born male under the name of the Danish painter Einar Wegener Mogens Andreas. It really was the first woman in the world to undergo surgery of “sex reassignment” and to be identified as transgender. She could be herself, to dress up as women, appear to the world as Lili, because he traveled a lot with his wife Gerda Gottlieb.

Her story made much fuss after the first operation, so that Christian X, the then King of Denmark invalidated her marriage to Gerda, in October of 1930.

At the time it was still an experimental operation and Lili underwent five operations. The doctors did not stop to genital change, but they tried to implant the ovaries and uterus in a failed attempt to make her become a mother. An effort that still has failed.

Quiet, I didn’t spoiled you anything there, are insights, information that you will not find in the film, even if you were not gone to see it.

But really you are not yet gone to see it?

Not feel appropriate to our own body is an important theme of our “era.” After Lili there were many paths, even of famous men and women who have tried the “sex reassignment.”

One of the most famous transsexual at the moment is definitely Caitlyn Jenner, born as William Bruce Jenner. It is a former American athlete specialized in multiple disciplines.

Gold medal in the decathlon in Montreal in 1976, becoming so popular in America, so much that was dedicated to him the film Jeux de la XXIème olympiade which tells of his feat.

His private life is pretty challenging, if in the work was a friend of everyone, including his competitors, we could say that it was even out of the running tracks. If I understand it, he has had four children with two different women, until he did not marry Kris Kardashian, becoming the stepfather of the world-famous Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Robert jr.. With Kris he had two more children, but then in 2015 during a well-known American program, announced to the whole world “I feel like a woman and want to begin the transition because my body match my gender identity”. So it was, Vanity Fair published the exclusive photos of Jenner post-transition.

Today Caitlyn uses his fame to give voice to small stories. Certainly can not be said her have the grace and elegance of Lili, it is always a former athlete, but her beauty is out of question.

Perhaps some stories should be treated gently, because they are precious stories, small and do not belong at all.

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