Forty-eight Years of Fights: The Onda Pride overwhelms Italy

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The wave of Pride 2017 in Italy opened on May 27th with Tuscany Pride with what was called an Unconscious Pride, “incontestable as the right to freedom, self-determination, love and happiness. Unsustainable as the urgency of getting into the streets to claim the rights of LGBTI people and homogeneous families”.
LGBT pride traveled to Basilicata to celebrate June 3 at Potenza and at the same time in Emilia Romagna to be more precise in Reggio Emilia. This is where a real political manifesto was born, where Pride participants have a loud voice on Easter Marriage because they explain “Civil Unions were a first step, a response to the urgency of couples: true equality and the end Of institutional discrimination, however, extend to the extension of marriage, with its rights and duties, to homosexual couples. But not only, “a true law against gender and sexual orientation discrimination, so that homophobic transgression crimes no longer have a penalty discount than those for religious or racial hatred, as it is today with The Mancini Law “.


The manifesto of the Pride of Reggio Emilia goes on and also called for “a reform of the law on adoptions, so that children can find a home and even family at singles and couples united civilly. In homogenous families, children who already exist must be recognized by a full adoption; Children who will need to be recognized at birth”.
Very important themes that travel up and down the feral nation. Dealing with topics such as bullying, the burning topic of this period, but also issues of mere bureaucracy that may cause further discrimination in the life of a transgender who often fails to have documents that conform to their own identity and thus access the world of work.
Already because it seems absurd, but the democratic and modern Italy still needs to deal with integration themes like these.
On June 10, Onda Pride will arrive in Pavia, Rome and Triveneto with Friuli Venezia Giulia Pride.

On June 17 the Pride will crowd the squares of Brescia, Turin and Varese, while the 23rd, 24th and 25th June the LGBTIQA community will rainbow in Perugia, Milan and the rest of the Lazio region. The clash of the Inda Pride will be in Milan on Saturday, June 24 with the parade of wagons from the station in Porta Venezia, where Mayor Beppe Sala is also expected. This is a very important moment for the chosen theme, Borderless Rights, which will close a week full of cultural, social and sporting events that will tell the respect and appreciation of the differences that in the past edition saw 80 events organized by 40 associations engaged in Milan area. On the three days of Thursday 22nd Friday 23rd and Saturday, 24th June, Porta Venezia will become the Pride square, the city-center town open to the whole city, which has been seeing dozens of associations, institutions and business for five years now.
But it does not end here: on June 24 the Pride will be Naples and Catania, but the first July will join Bologna, Cosenza, Palermo, Bari and Liguria. The eight of July will be the turn of Sardinia, Alba and Syracuse. On 29 July will be Rimini Super Pride, while Salento Pride will close the wave on August 19th.
48 years have passed since June 28, 1969, the year of Stonewall Riots, the symbolic beginning of the modern lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual and asexual liberation movement, LGBTQIA. 48 years since that day when the New Yorkers homosexuals shouting “We are Everywhere!” Fighting for their rights against the police.
Yet at the age of 48, there are those who still today must manifest peacefully so as not to be insulted, mistreated, and beaten for their diversity, or must struggle to recognize paternity or maternity.
In fact after 48 remains “irrepressible” this right to freedom!

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