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  • 2017/2018 FIA Formula E Championship.
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On Saturday 2/12, starts the Fourth Formula E Championship, one of the highest innovation points we can see today in the automotive industry.

All car enthusiasts will be attached to the monitors to see what emotions is able to arouse this so innovative championship. Innovative for several reasons, some technicians and some social.

The technical aspects give us the opportunity to make an explanation about what is the Formula E.

This is a automotive championship, where compete only fully electric single-seater car, running on city circuits, except for one in Mexico City, which will run on circuit.

Initially the single-seaters were all the same, with the chassis produced by the Emiliana Dallara Automobili, engines supplied by the McLaren Electronic System powered by the lithium battery production of Williams.

Today there are different teams and some are historical names of car racing. We find the French Renault and Citroën, the Italian Magneti Marelli, who competes with the Mahindra Indian team, then we find the German Audi, two Americans, Andretti and Penske and two British, Jaguar which works in partnership with Panasonic and the inevitable Virgin.

On the other hand, with a media circus like the Formula E, could miss the King of all Brand Manager, Sir Richard Branson?!

The teams are 10 in total, each with two riders and 4 cars available for each race, in fact every driver makes a pit stop to change cars, so leave the car with the battery by now discharged and mount on the car with a full charge battery that allows him to complete the 45-minute race.

That being said, one of the most innovative things is definitely the Fan Boost, which consists of an online voting system where anyone, by connecting with the Formula E site or other ones enabled, can vote for his favorite driver. You can vote from 6 days before the start of the race.

The three top drivers will have the ability to use a greater power load than the others for 5 seconds during the race, maybe to overtaking or spacing an opponent behind them.

Now let’s take a look at what this circus means in the light of social change.

First of all, it is a FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) championship, that is, the same institution that Formula 1 is subjected to. It is not an antagonist, but it’s an act of conscience, a way for the most important international car institution to take an ecologist position very strong.

Taking a strong position because it is not hybrid cars, but totally electric, so in a certain way antagonistic to those car brands that now dominate the car market.

Moreover, these electric cars will allow very important developments to be taken in the cars of the global market.

Among the most important, two studies are aimed at charging batteries. The first is to have a greater battery charge power to allow for more mileage and decrease the number of times to stop charging the car and making us enjoy longer trips without fuel stops.

The second is wireless charging, just as it is for tablets and smartphones. Well, that would definitely be a breakthrough, as it would also allow cars of the global market to reload them without having to attack at any charging station. It seems science fiction now, but in smartcity projects it would definitely be a huge plus.

Last but not least, the city is the latest innovation imported from Formula E. Citizens’ circuits showcase the great show of car racing in close contact with people as in the days of the great Fangio, but merging into the urban fabric, still underlining how this championship is prepared to represent the technological and eco-sustainable change for the cities of tomorrow, less polluted, more smart and more enjoyable than today’s.

Among the cities that have accepted the challenge to host the Formula E circus, we have Hong Kong, which will host the first two races, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3, then, in order, we will be in Marrakesh, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City (circuit), San Paolo, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Zurich and will close with New York and Montreal hosting respectively two races each.

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