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FORMATION: Released on February 6, the new video by Queen Bey, aka Beyoncé, makes a blood boil, in few are saved.
Voice of the black power, is a hymn to the independence of her voice, of course, not pass unscathed either the Haters, who still insist “that illuminati mess”.
The first single after Beyonce, her last studio album, in ’14, and a very quiet 2015, this year it does begin immediately raising the temperature. 2016 will surely be full of surprises, from Queen Bey.
After Rihanna, now she, we await the other Diva from hot Booty Nicki Minaj who publish some of her work, and 2016 may also end up …
The video-rich iconography of the south of America and the southern US, shows us a trend that we had hoped to arrive as soon as possible to the general public. An overload of personal expression that is just pleasure. Starting with the braids of a hot Black Queen, clothing hispanic breath, also touches on the misfortunes of her land.
Increasingly strong are the hot sounds of the warm and humid part off US, where her family has seen the birth, where the unforgiving nature has tried to bring the bill to zero.
The single has already million views on YouTube, is also listenable and downloadable on Tidal, of course.
Released a few hours by the performance of the Super Bowl, where she sang of course her new piece, which will surely become a hit.
The show of the Super Bowl has seen starring alongside Coldplay with whom she has collaborated for one of their latest songs, and Bruno Mars for a truly stellar show.
Each new single, speech and appearance of the “Star” is one more piece in the big puzzle of the Queen of R’n’b brand.

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