For the 20th anniversary back in 4K: The Fifth Element, the 90s cult film

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While waiting the release of the new work, of the visionary director Luc Bessone, Valerian, where the Beautiful Cara Delevingne will be the star, we spoil you with his other SciFi film.
Film which this year celebrates 20 years’, the fifth element, which is about to debut with the restoration in 4K Ultra HD in July with an early insight into premier in May.
The film, a masterpiece by Besson, for those few who have not seen, sees Milla Jovovich a humanoid, and Bruce Willice, a military that does the taxi driver called to save the world from annihilation a supreme evil, in this case a ball of fire of a thousand miles in diameter, that every 5000 years awakens to rearrange the order of things and only 4 elemeti with the fifth can defeat this great evil.
Crazy Plot, dressed costumes by Jean Paul Gualtier (space-age crop tops, cheetah-print catsuits) at the time much more outrageous than now, but still impactful as Milla.
The 2017 as we had predicted is the year of ’90 and the return of the sci fi, surreal, excessive always irreverent, well then bouna vision.

here Ruby Rhod best moment:

here valerian trailer

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