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In full millennials trend, so the voluntary media overexposure is a cultural necessity, we see the proliferate of apps for constantly monitoring where and when friends and strangers enter into our radar.Immersed in this concept, born Followers, halfway between the voluntary stalking and an artistic performance.
Followers, project conceived by the artist and programmer Lauren McCarthy is a service, which allows to have a person which watching you / follow throughout the day, a silent company, which accompanies you in all your movements and daily activities.We go in this way to satisfy the vain desire, unconscious at times, but very often conscious of being spied on, to have someone behind us who quietly observe our every move, driven by the simple reason to do so. The psychological contract between the one who has followed the de observer is strong, surely, so it’s a thread that does not break until the evening comes and receive the photos of the day. And in that moment that you have the security of have had someone for a day who carefully and with interest observed all our moves, the positive feeling, in this case it is that are not alone.
We wake up in the morning with the notification that at that particular days, are will be subject to the stalking of a stranger, of which we can never placing any anything, and probably never meet.
The project started from SF, the city of the Golden Gate, and is landing in NYC, of course. But before long it will be available in other countries.
From the experiment done by the artist, the result is that some people have decided to take part out of curiosity, others, getting support or to feel really connected to someone.
Surely in all that we are a breath of sheer exhibitionism, to keep strictly private, considering the social apps as private location.
The idea is to hide a life of chills down my spine, behind thick curtains, a bit ‘like the sweet feeling of velvet ropes around the wrists. That hidden force that enriches a secret life of a softcore touch; is outside the voyeurism, but the feeling of security in being followed by someone who does it for pure pleasure, surely causes a fulfillment that is like wood for the fire on a subconscious level.
It is mentioned again in terms of image, but it is surely appropriate, in this case the brand is the concept, not so much the mark. The branding of the project in this case is fed by the feeling, the connection, and from wellbeing made by the Act that both people involved are inevitably caller to try.
A private notoriety, which leads us to the center of the life of a person who is not us for a whole day.


here the official web site

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