Ferrari vs Lamborghini, so close so far away

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Until when Audi has not bought Lamborghini in 1998, we would not have even imagined to propose this challenge . But today, although in terms of value of the brand Ferrari is still higher, It presents the exciting idea of comparing the two brands that most of all represent the typical Italian supercar. Or not? No, not really at least.
In fact, the great thing about this comparison is that in reality does not exist, or at least not at level of brand.
Ferrari and Lamborghini are definitely the two manufacturers of the world’s most famous Italian supercars and their factories are only some thirty kilometers away from each other, but they have a brand identity totally different, almost not to make them look like competitors even within the very small market of supercars.
So what are we talking about you ask? Branding gentlemen, how this fantastic discipline, discipline our minds subconsciously making the reality, totally malleable.
Ferrari and Lamborghini are competitors apparently, this is the notion. Here you will find a general explanation of the apparent competition. (Link)
Indeed Ferrari is a brand, really is the brand of cars race for excellence.
It seems that Ferrari was there from the beginning. Since it decided to compete using machines driven by an internal combustion engine on four wheels. In reality it is not so, the real first car race was disputed before the ‘900 in France and among the famous names even now there were the Peugeot with Michelin tires. Therefore, why the Ferrari is become the queen? After all there is only since 1947 and for a trade mark of that value, economically and historically, are not so many sixty years.
The fact is that Ferrari embodies the race as a trademark. Some think that these things that I am about to say aren’t important, however I assure that count a lot. Ferrari is red and this matters a lot in our subconscious, as a symbol of fearlessness, second, its symbol is an elegant and restive horse, the famous Prancing Horse which was the symbol of Francesco Baracca, an Italian aviation legend, died during World War I. Of these elements, the Ferrari management did nothing short of excellent management. It has always aimed to win in the racing world on a side and promote the Red from Maranello and his Prancing Horse on the other one. Today it says about a thing that is red Ferrari.
From the point of view of the market, the big move was when Ferrari’s management has focused on exports in the postwar period to what later became the largest market for luxury cars for seventy years, the US and the best decision of marketing was definitely when they have decided to dedicate a car to a state of the States, the 250 GT California in 1957.
From then on, Ferrari has always ridden years at most, a little less in the 60s and 70s where everybody looked especially at ‘England for anything, but with an incredible limelight for all the years ’80, ’90 and ’00. There is also to say that Ferrari is the only house to have competed in every race of the Formula One circus. So here is, for the Ferrari brand its history is crucial, Ferrari has Clubs of fans around the world, fans experts, people who understand about the car. We can say that the blood of a man who loves cars is Ferrari red. Over the years, especially the ’00s, the brand extensions are not missed, followed by good marketing operations designed to reinforce the territorial expansion in emerging markets and to maintain leadership in the first market that is still the US. But let’s say that despite the normal operations that a global brand like Ferrari has to do to force his DNA is racing and his audience are the people who love cars, even those who can not afford a Red from Maranello.
Lamborghini does motor racings, but that’s not what attracts the audience that loves this brand. The public loves Lamborghini, love the fact being able to say to be themselves in spite of everything and everyone. Lamborghini doesn’t builds cars, builds objects that challenge the status quo, then do this in the car market of high-end is secondary. In Lamborghini might produce even bicycles, dishes and glasses or aircraft and would still unpredictable, of high-design, disruptive, spectacular, unique, precious and extremely showy. If we would build a house signed Ferrari, might be a something like a DisneyLand Ferrari or a museum, instead a house Lamborghini would be easy to design, because it would apply the extreme design to every detail. If the dishes signet Ferrari would seem like a souvenir, this absolutely doesn’t would happen with Lamborghini. Buy Lamborghini is like saying, yes I’m this way and I’m proud. From the point of view of branding, which is always related to the reputation and therefore at the dictates that somehow the society imposes, it is really a breath of fresh air. Lamborghini is like a woman with plunging neckline that doesn’t blush if she is looked, blush the beholder. Seems that in Lamborghini no amounts respect the rules of etiquette, in Lamborghini are writing the rules of a uncompromising luxury and as mentioned, it is secondary that they do so mainly by building spectacular cars.
So let’s see how Ferrari is a very strong brand, very attached to its history which turned it into one of the most important brands in the world, the undisputed symbol of a sector of the market, while on the other side of the river there is Lamborghini that no competes directly like a brand with Ferrari because “they do not fight each other the same values” and only to a small extent the same customers. So if Ferrari is stronger in the auto industry, on the other hand Lamborghini has a larger capacity for what concerns the possible brand extension because it is less tied to a particular sector. Lamborghini is known to express feelings base that can easily be adapted to different types of objects. In the end, Ferrari builds racing cars that are also sensational objects, instead Lamborghini builds sensational objects that are also racing cars. So we understand how branding is a space purely mental and where two companies apparently similar, are actually far away.

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