Federer Vs Nadal, it’s never just a tennis match

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In Melbourneit is already 11 pm, Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal are the fifth set of the final of the Australian Open. The result is four games to three for the Swiss, but on 40 of the advantage is for the Spaniard who has for the Fourth of service. And ‘the epilogue that all were confident of seeing, but that few wanted to admit. Perhaps because unachievable, perhaps because it brings all back a few years, in a sort of nostalgia effect that today is trendy.
Roger against Rafa, two worlds who challenge each other. More elegant and aristocratic the first, the second most strongman and Mediterranean. Swiss research the perfect shot against the Spanish grit that emerges in the laments of each exchange.Federer against Nadal, both have abandoned the full head of hair of the early times, even though the Swiss still has an enviable enamel. More marked by time the Spaniard, with few and thinning hair, although younger than his opponent: 30 years against 35. Both of them come from a year in light and shade: Roger without winning one trophy, outside the top ten of the general classification ATP that relegates the sixteenth position, he who, in the over ten years earlier, had won everything, smashing every record seventeen Grand Slam tournaments; Rafa triumphs double at the Olympics in Rio, where even parades as flag bearer for Spain, but is conditioned by injuries that take him out of the top five places in the ATP rankings.
But, despite the difficulties of recent times, Federer Nadal is always “the game” of the twenty-first century court. They will compete for the 35th time, the last in a final was over five years ago. Spanish is well ahead with 23 wins, but Federer knows this may be his chance of rebirth. And ‘the challenge that thrills and excites fans of the racket and the sport in general. The match brings to mind the great duels of history as Sampras and Agassi, McEnroe Born or expanding the boundaries, Prost and Senna Coppi Bartali.
Now there is no place for the memories, now they are playing the last set of the final. The 15 thousand spectators in the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne holds their breath, as the millions of fans glued to the television around the world. Beats fast Rafa, Roger meets and defends the persistent attacks of the opponent. The ball travels very fast, the audience is in ecstasy with “ooo” of wonder that break the traditional silence. Federer overturns the field, it’s time to attack him, Nadal reply, but after nearly 35 seconds, can not do anything on the winning point of the Swiss that triggers up all Melbourne Arena. It is the decisive moment of the match, which tips the victory for the Swiss. After waiting for the favorable verdict of the eye of a hawk on the last exchange, Roger jumps, cries, is reborn. “In tennis there is no draw but today I would have gladly accepted,” he says at the end of the final. “Congratulations to Roger, is extraordinary play well in a long time”, pays homage to Rafa, the loser. This is tennis, This is sport, that’s life. This is Federer Nadal.

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