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ALT Fashion and Food

From the lights of the shop windows to our living rooms and kitchens is a short step, indeed very short.
Are now so many the fashion houses that have been launched in the by now trendy world of food.
One of the latest news is the collaboration between a world-class chefs, Chef Cracco, and one of the most discussed personage of the Fashion/Star System, the very italian scion of the Agnelli-Elkann family, the Lapo of a thousand transgressions which do not now more news. The man who in times pre-hipster already forgot the socks at home. A brand that exports the italian spirit worldwide. He will combine his efforts with those of Veneto Chef, but Milanese by adoption, in a boutique for those gentlemen owners of very expensive toys. This will create a RistoGarage where cars of those modern dandy with sartorial inspiration want elegance sewn also on the bodywork. Their cars will be lovingly pampered and dressed, while their healthy carriers will spoiled with the cuisine of Chef Cracco. The opening is scheduled in April 2016 after restructuring designed by the architect Michele De Lucchi that will refurbish the station Agip of ’52 in Piazzale Accursio in Milan, designed by Mario Baciocchi.
Last example, after a long list of known houses that have approached at the pleasure, mise en place.
From Mark Jacobs, to the recent appearance in sage green Prada with Marchesi in an always crowded Via Montenapoleone. Gucci before, then Burberry in London at 121 of the very sartorial Regent Street in June 2015.
Another Milanese example is the Trussardi alla Scala Restaurant and Cafe in the building in the center of which is now HQ/Shop/ShowRoom and now also a restaurant where the Bergamask family wanted to recreate the whole lifestyle of the greyhound’s house.
Not far from La Scala and the Trussardi, palace Armani hosts between “all”, two Café and a Restaurant. Concept repeated in all the hotels took from Giorgio that has created a space “break” even in its permanent parade at the Armani/Silos.
There are many brands that have decided to make this leap, many are Italian, as the home of the Medusa, which in Dubai under the scorching sun of the desert has created and presented to the world a vision of italianity which spent several winters in Miami thinking to ancient Greece of films Hollywood ’50s, all this with Vanitas, the restaurant of the new Palazzo Versace hotel. Here is emphasized without delay a vision and a strong brand, that one historical and unique of the Fashion House.
Differentiation? Return to the World Brand of ’80s memory? Or simply need of expression through a different art form?
Whatever the motivation is always good if the Food & Beverage are up to the tailoring in Boutique.
An imperishable example of World Brand that never could pass up the opportunity to further define its own lifestyle is Ralph Lauren. in NYC, with Polo Café with which hits the target, creating a country club, or GastroPub, adorned with dark wood paneling in the center. The essence of America with strong roots is represented perfectly.
But beware, the location strategy, the number of restaurants and cafes, going from the furniture up to the salt, everything has to fall within the vision of the brand. A dish as a dress is an expression of the brand and also just one dissonant note can ruin everything.
The Italian vein in this area it is noted and is strong, a bit ‘for table culture and food in general, the sentiment is always the same: a nice table, a good company and good food, all wrapped in clothes maybe of the same Griffe.
Let’s say it is very easy to fall into the classic cliche Italian, that touristic of film at least.
Not that the reality is so far away from the fantasy, Fashion and Food are a great stronghold in the BelPaese, and with good reason the Maisons and the big companies of jewels like is Bulgari have created places that recall their products, jewelry these thta are translated with an opulent minimalism full of grays and browns, dark colors that wrap up the shiny green, through glass walls that reveal the geometric gardens where food is the completion of a perfect business card.
Truman Capote suggested, by now several years ago, a Breakfast at Tiffany Blake Edwards gave us an unforgettable Hepburn, wrapped by a little black dress by Givenchy that, armed of glasses, croissants and coffee began, or rather ended, the day, dreaming in front of the windows of the American colossus of jewelry, today maybe not at Tiffany & co, but in others this is now possible.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is, the important thing that has the flavor of the search of a fashion show.
From this we deduce that as the design lines, that in some and not sporadic cases have created confusion among consumers, with the food the fashion has guessed the dish. The food that has a potential market as still very large, despite the media overexposure, has become fertile ground for companies, dynasties and creative directors who want to try a new style request, and so far with a very few slips. In the kitchen at the end, the trend of the season is strong, indeed inevitable.

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